Aug 05 2011

Noogra Nuts

Description: Noogra Nuts – You’ll go Nut about this Game!

Noogra Nuts is a cool Android arcade game, were you control a unique cute little squirrel with a unique ability, he can crack nuts, using its head!

Using the accelerometer you can control its movement and pressing anywhere on the screen will make him jump.

While playing the game, nuts will start falling of the sky, each nut that the squirrel headbutts will start cracking and give you points. Once you crack a nut open you’ll can eat it and it will give you more points.

Hurry up, you have only 120 seconds to achieve the best score.


– Free Game
– Topnotch high quality graphics
– Suitable for all ages
– Easy to play
– Game supports OpenFeint for high score leader board submission
– Works both on phones and Tablets (Honeycomb)
– Post you high score to your Facebook wall
– Android Exclusive release – No iPhone Version :)
– Next update will include achievements, endless survival mode and much more!

Liked the Game? Rate it 5 Stars! It will motivate us to keep improving it :)

Good luck!

Version: 1.0

Cost: Free

Developer: Oren Bengigi

Crack some nuts with Noogra Nuts. A single level game to get as many points as possible in 2 minutes by cracking falling nuts with your head. Try to get extra points with combos. Share your score on Open Feint to compare with other players. A cool little free game to waist 2 minutes.

Download Here

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