Jul 24 2011

Paradise Island

Description: Paradise Island is lovely simulation game. Build your own empire!

“Paradise Island” is the game for all sun and sea lovers!
Tear yourself away from work and build your own sunny island!
Is it time to make your own business? Just have some practice! Rich tourists are just about getting to your warm beaches! Entertain them in casinos and entertainment centers, build hotels, restaurants and discos! Build your own empire of entertainment! Turn your island into best resort empire and learn to manage your own business.

Game tasks:

– build all kinds of buildings on the Island;
– improve your buildings, repair them and gain profit;
– expand your property by buying new pieces of land and areas of sea;
– create your Island with unique buildings and plants;
– compete with your friends;
– set up your tourism business;
– build the city of your dream and turn your life into a happy story;
– learn all tips of the game receive all possible rewards and win the Grand Prize!

Game features:

– beautiful and detailed graphics;
– extremely addictive and interesting gameplay;
– life on your island goes on even when the game is closed;
– there is a big choice of facilities and constructions, decorations and plants;
– tycoon and simcity features;
– more advanced, than a regular farm game;
– more than 130 of awards and achievements;
– Internet connection is recommended, but not necessary;
– Ad Free.

Facebook community: http://www.facebook.com/IslandAndroid

Version: 1.1

Cost: Free

Developer: Cooper Media Corp.

Paradise island is a wonderful tycoon type game.  With over a hundred different types of structures to build, you won’t finish creating your beach front resort any time soon. Each building is incredibly detailed. Special buildings are offered for special occasions. Each building can be upgraded many times.  When a building is being built, you can see the construction workers with their tools working on the building. Paradise Island didn’t skimp on the sound either. You can hear the sound of the waves, a fog horn, and a cha ching when you collect money.

If you’re familiar with the tycoon genre of games, you’ll enjoy Paradise Island. Many buildings have power and staff requirements before you can build them. Make sure you have pathways to the buildings. As great as Paradise Island is at the moment, it’d be cool if there was some type of customer satisfaction rating with customer statistics. Paradise Island is missing the challenge of keeping customers happy.

Each building requires you to manually press on the building each time to collect cash. I’d like the option to be able to automatically collect money even if I’m not logged into the game.

Try to build a Business Center Building ASAP do start collecting piastres.

Even without the challenge of a customer rating, it’s still fun to revel in a well built resort.

Own a piece of luxury and download Paradise Island.

Download Here

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