Jul 08 2010

PhoneFraze Pro

Description: Catch phrase or taboo on steroids!

Play with 3+ friends as you try to describe or guess the correct out loud to each other before time runs out!

-3 Game modes

-Teams and Scoring

-Trivia, drinking game or family fun with kids

-Great Icebreaker

Similar to Catchphrase, but way better

Version: 2.8

Cost: 3.99

Developer: TheAndroidWorks

Phonefraze is a good substitute for Catch Phrase if you didn’t have the board game handy. For instance in the car on a road trip or camping.

There’s 3 different modes:
Basic – The person left holding the phone loses
Scramble – The team not holding the phone at the end of the round gets a point
Heads Up – The team gets a point for each correctly guessed phrase

Choose game times of 45 or 90 seconds.

It’s simple and easy to use.  The demo version has a very limited amount of phrases and wouldn’t be much use after playing a few times.  The paid version,  Phone Fraze Pro, was originally $3.99, but now is on sale for $.99, and hopefully remains this price.  $3.99 is a little expensive, but for $.99, it’s worth it.  And once you’ve downloaded Phone Fraze Pro, there are other categories of words (including some current events) that can be downloaded for free.

I’m concerned about some of the game play.   The heat of the moment of some intense Basic or Scramble play could result in a lot of dropped phones.    Especially if alcohol is involved or you just have sweaty hands.  A displayed countdown timer at the end of each round would be nice.  Each round ends with the phone vibrating for a few seconds.  But during play and passing the phone around some times the vibrations aren’t felt.

Over all, it’s a solid party game.  I wouldn’t recommend playing with drunk, clumsy, over moisturized, sweaty palmed people though.

Download Here

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