Nov 21 2010

Stick Swing

Description:Stick man is playing on the swings around cliff!

Stick man is playing on the swings around cliffs. Tap screen timely to let stick man land off safely!
Watch out wind and gravity during the game.
Very intuitive game rule, yet very challenging!
Can you handle it?

Version: 1.1.6

Cost: Free


Swing, land on the platform, get points. Sounds easy. Oh, but it’s not so easy. You have to account for a horizontal and vertical wind and height and size of platforms. It’s wildly addicting, and it’s one of those games you can play in 1 to 3 minute increments, like the time it takes between TV commercials. The graphics aren’t much, a stick figure swinging on a line. You can set a little vibrating action when you land. It loads up quickly, you don’t need data access, and you can play it with one hand. Great game for when you’ve got a little bit of free time and you don’t have data access.

Download Here

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