Apr 25 2013

The CATch!

Description: The CATch! challenges the users’ reflexes when they take to the streets as a cat with stolen sausage links. This kitty may be chubby, but when it comes to keeping his loot he’s quite agile, zipping and leaping across rooftops, tippy-toeing over power lines and dashing along ledges. Be wary of those nasty crows that have already spotted the cat and want to take him down and steal his tasty meats! Each day is a new pursuit as the environment develops around the cat.

Swipe to turn and jump in order to avoid danger while collecting coins, milk and amazing power-ups. Also includes 3 unique cats—each with their own special abilities.

Cost: Free

Developer: Deemedya m.s. ltd.

The CATch 1

The CATch

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