Dec 24 2015

Tossy Pizza

1. What is the name of your app or product?
Tossy Pizza

2. What is the download link for your app or product and how much does it cost? – Free

3. Who is the developer?
Oscar Wong, myself

4. What is the website, facebook, twitter, or any other link for the developer?

5. What does your app or product do? Please describe the best features of it.
The game is called Tossy Pizza, and the objective is simply to toss the pizza up by tapping/holding on the screen, and tilting your device left and right to catch it. For every time the pizza completes a full flip, you receive a point.

6. What makes your app or product different from similar apps or products?
This concept in games hasn’t really been explored so far, which was surprising to me. There are similar games such as Pancake!, but my game is the only one of it’s kind to feature controls based on tilting your device, which I feel is more immersive than just swiping.

7. Who does your app or product target?
A casual audience, the type of person who may play Flappy Bird or Candy Crush.

8. Where did you get the idea for your app or product?
I originally thought of a game where you needed to balance a sandwich, which morphed into tossing pizzas, because I thought that it was a concept not really done before in mobile gaming.

9. How have you marketed your app or product?
I have promoted via social media and have contacted various review websites asking for their thoughts on my game.

10. Include screen shots or video from your app or product.


Main menu

11. (Optional) Include any other information you would like to add
It’s not world-shattering by any means, but I think it can still appeal to a casual audience and would love to hear your guys’ thoughts on it.

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