Aug 02 2015

Bend the gravity with Twisted Gravity

1. What is the name of your app?

Twisted Gravity

2. What is the download link for your app and how much does it cost? and its free

3. Who is the developer?

Damian Abalo Miron (a.k.a. Wardamo)

4. What is the website, facebook, twitter, or any other link for the developer?

5. What does your app do? Please describe the best features of your app.

Twisted Gravity is a mobile game developed for Android, in which you use the accelerometers of the phone to change the gravity at will.

Using this mechanic the user needs to solve a set of mazes, avoiding dangers and racing against the clock.

The game was released in Google’s Play Store, and it is currently in version 1.0.

6. What makes your app different from similar apps?

It is a fun little game using the accelerometers, designed with the mindset of oldschool games, resulting in a difficult but addicting gameplay.

7. Who does your app target?

Anyone who wants to spend a while playing with their phones to kill some spare time.

8. Where did you get the idea for your app?

Taking elements from different games that I like, as marble madness, and optimizing them as much as I could for a mobile platform

9. How have you marketed your app?

Not much, I am trying but I have a budget of 0.

10. Include screen shots or video from your app

twisted gravity 3

twisted gravity 2

twisted gravity

Twisted Gravity gameplay 1.0 – Indie DB

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