Mar 23 2010


Description: Navigate through a perilous asteroid-filled obstacle course, and compete for the top score and cash prizes!

The first contest runs April 1 to May 31 and features prizes of $500, $250, and $100 (USD) for the top three competitors!

We appreciate your feedback and hope you enjoy Vacuum:  The Global Competition!

Version: 1.0

Cost: Free

Developer: Door-6

Vacuum reminds me of Star Fox on SNES from back in the day.  Vacuum is a 1st person flight simulator type game where you navigate through a tunnel avoiding asteroids and collecting points when you pass through the ringed check points.  Steer your ship by rotating your phone.  The amount of time you have showed on the top right corner counts for the amount of points you get when you pass through a check point.  There’s 3 green orbs between each ringed check point.  Each collected orb will add 5 seconds to your time.  The speed is adjusted with a slide bar on the left side

When you start the game, you can determine the playing angle, brightness, sound and vibration.   Make sure to enter your email in the profile to be entered into the contest.  Contest rules can be found at

The game is difficult and frustrating at first.  But once you get used to the controls, it can be quite entertaining.  The controls are very responsive.   The graphics are  smooth, a little simple, but not bad.   There’s not much sound other than when you crash.

A couple things I’d like to change are:

The game should start when you start moving.   Some times it takes a while to get your bearings of where you’re facing.

You should be able to choose when to submit your score.  Right now the score is submitted automatically after every game.  Depending on how fast your internet connection speed is, submitting a score can take a 3 -5 seconds to over 10 seconds on a slow connection.  So if you crash near the beginning, you end up wasting time submitting a low score.

For US$1.99, this game seems too simple to justify such a price.  This game has only 1 level and can get repetitive.  The caveat to justify this price is you’re in a competition for the chance to win $500.   If you’re going to waste time playing a game, why not give yourself a chance to win some cash!

Download Here

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