Aug 13 2015

Wingless, Fly your spaceship in the sky with pleasure

1. What is the name of your app?
2. What is the download link for your app and how much does your app cost?
Download FREE from:
3. Who is the developer?
4. What is the website, facebook, twitter, or any other link for the developer?
5. What does your app do? Please describe the best features of your app.
Fly your spaceship in the sky with pleasure, dodge birds and collect varied treasures along the way like coins and powerful bonuses!
It may sound familiar but the game is very uniqe!
6. What makes your app different from similar apps?
It’s all in one! a single run game with upgrades capability and achievements.
7. Who does your app target?
The game is designed for children and adults of all ages.
8. Where did you get the idea for your app?
We wanted to create an endless run game but with unique features that were not exists so far.
9. How have you marketed your app?
Facebook, and by requesting app reviews on sites.
10. Include screen shots or video from your app

wingless 2 wingless 3 wingless

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