May 09 2010

World War

Description: It’s the year 2012.  A nuclear war has broken out.  5 countries have emerged as the major superpowers in the devastating war.  Which one will you be?

-Massively Multiplayer ONLINE War Game!

-Join over 2.8 million players!

-Battle other players LIVE!

Version: 1.1

Cost: Free

Developer: Storm8, Inc.

World War is an online role playing game where you manage your health and energy to perform missions, purchase buildings and units, form alliances and battle others online.

World War sports a large amount of missions, units and buildings. With over 2.8 million players, you won’t run out of people to battle or form alliances with. Managing energy levels and deploying enough units to keep other players from defeating you during an attack can be quite challenging. It took me a while to get the hang of it. I was getting my ass whooped all the time until I started deploying more troops, but then this would cut into my profits with the increased upkeep. BTW, my Alliance Code is QHBD3H if anybody wants to add me.

World War’s interface looks real nice, though it’s only point and click. There’s no moving action. So though the interface looks nice, I’m docking it some points on graphics because it’s all static images. Pages can be a little slow to load even if you’re on 3G. On edge, it’s painfully slow. A wireless connection would be preferred.

At first I didn’t get the fascination with this game, but the more I played it, I got more into it. Renewing energy takes time, so it’s not a game you can constantly play. More like play it for 5 minutes, then wait a couple hours until your energy replenishes then play it again for 5 minutes. Unless you want to spend money for favor points to make the game faster. Storm8 has to make money some how. If you like RPG’s, World War is a good one to try.

Download World War

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