Jul 22 2013

6 Android Apps Every Practical Girl Should Have

Gadgets are mostly termed as toys for boys. They range from video games which consist of shooting people or playing football to apps where the most popular ones are about knowledge such as handling finances. Quite drab if you ask a girl who is savvy and needs more than Instagram, Pinterest and Facebook, hence for their entertainment and scheduling, here are 6 Android apps they can download which are fun as well as helpful:

Yoga Trainer Pro:

Whether you are a career woman or homemaker, college student or just plain lazy, everybody cannot visit the gym 6 times a week, unless they are actors or body builders. It is difficult and some days practically impossible. But a girl has to keep that body toned, there exists an app named Yoga Trainer Pro coming to her rescue. This Android app provides information and descriptions on various yoga positions and meditation tips, from basic to advance. It also provides visual aid in form of photos and videos for the various asanas and tips to make them simpler. Keep fit at your own pace and convenience.

Download Yoga Trainer Pro for $1.99 on Google Play

Women’s Health: For the health concerns every woman faces time and again, this Android app aptly named Women’s Health breaks down information on topics ranging from cervical cancer to breast reconstruction. It’s basically a quick guide on health related topics primarily for the ladies.

Amazon Kindle:

Kindle is the best Android app to download for the avid book readers. The hassle of carrying books or even a separate electronic device for books can be eliminated when the thousands of books you want to read can be downloaded on your smartphone. You can easily pretend that you are reading an important document when in reality it’s just P.S. I Love You. Your emotions might also be taken as concern and love for the office document and the office in general. It’s genius really.

Download Kindle from Google Play

Pink Pad:


This app is designed to keep track of menstruation dates and chart symptoms, makes it easier to also remember ovulation and fertile days. Great app for women on the go and fairly accurate, the best feature of this app is that it helps you to connect with women all over the world to share health issues and concerns.   

Download Pink Pad from Google Play

All Recipes:


Cooking is therapy for many and necessity for even more of us out there. To make lives easier is the All Recipes Android app which can make the busiest career women into culinary goddesses in a short span of time. It has over 40, 000 recipes waiting to be explored by you. They are clearly sorted into categories and sub categories and notes here and there to give you the cheat code to instant success.

Download All Recipes from Google Play

Open Table:

Well, sometimes when you are taking a break from the 40, 000 recipes mentioned above can be a good idea, dining out alone or with company is always refreshing (if the company isn’t, the food surely is). To figure which place has food worth raving about, the app Open Table is at your service. This app finds you the best and the latest restaurant in your city, in your chosen location. It can also be used to book reservations and see the menu and also read users reviews, to assist you in zeroing down on one place.

Download Open Table from Google Play

So, as you can see, for the practical missy that you are, downloading these Android apps is a must!

John Cooper, the author of this post is an employee at an award winning tablet display systems company called Armodilo. Whenever he is free, he volunteers at the local community centre and he writes about his personal and work experience through his articles.

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