Jan 17 2010

Alcohol Calculator by Klaus Nutakor

Description: This application is a simple tool to calculate your blood alcohol content (BAC). Using Watson Algorithm.

It is also possible to calculate how many you can drink to get a custom BAC.

No guarantee. These values are estimations. Every person is different so the real BAC differs also.

Don’t drink and drive!

Version: 1.0.3

Cost: Free

Developer: Klaus Nutakor

How many times have I been drinking and wondered “hmm, I wonder what my blood alcohol level is?”. Never because I’m more worried about not praying to the porcelain gods at the end of the night. Or “hmm, I wonder if I’ve drank too much to drive?”. Never. I don’t drink and drive. And neither should you!

Even if I was stupid enough to do that, I wouldn’t trust an App to tell me. But this isn’t the point of the app.

It’s a novel app that calculates your blood alcohol level like the blood alcohol level calculators you would find on most websites.  It calculates BAC based on sex, height, weight, age, alcohol strength, time of first and last drink, and meal size you ate.   It can calculate the BAC or the amount do drink to reach a desired BAC.  I don’t find much need for it but you might. You alcoholic!

It didn’t seem to calculate the BAC correctly if you set your last drink at 12:00 AM. Ex. I set my first drink at 9 PM and my last drink at 11:59 PM, my BAC was .08282. If I set my last drink at 12:00 AM, my BAC is .11762. Or maybe I’m drunk and my calculation is off.

Download Here

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