Jul 06 2013

Considering Plastic Surgery? Before You Go, Check Out These Four Apps

Millions of people around the world every year have some form of cosmetic surgery performed in order to look younger and feel better about themselves. The reality, however, is that many cosmetic procedures are performed prior to attempting any natural methods for improving the underlying symptoms or without learning about the extensive process that any cosmetic procedure entails. With many mobile applications now available to inform us on just about anything, it was only a matter of time before we could consult our phones for valuable advice. Below, you will find four apps that offer a mixture of natural remedies and valuable information needed before making any cosmetic surgery decision.

Plastic Surgery Simulator

If you are wondering what you would look like with a different nose, jaw line, chin or simply want to see how liposuction could assist you, then The Plastic Surgery Simulator is a great app to evaluate. This Android app allows users to upload a photo and select from a variety of cosmetic procedures: whether it be lip modifications, muscle augmentation or rhinoplasty, the Plastic Surgery Simulator will simulate life-like results to help you decide which path is best for you. Considering that this application is free to download; an evaluation of your features using it certainly is more cost-effective than an expensive consultation with a plastic surgeon.


Faceworks Natural Facelift

Anyone who has been considering facial plastic surgery may wish to try out Faceworks Natural Facelift, a comprehensive workout application that aids in restoring elasticity and firmness to problem areas of the face. Whether you are dealing with wrinkles or simply want to revive those sagging cheeks, the Faceworks Natural Facelift app includes workouts to address these areas while avoiding complicated and expensive plastic surgery. Available on Android devices, this app can be used as a natural way to improve the appearance of the face and eliminate any chances of mishaps or botched surgeries.


A Facial Yoga & Facelift

Much of the ageing and sagging we experience in our faces comes from a lack of proper exercise – the face contains dozens of muscles and they need to be worked out just like any other muscle in the body. Enter A Facial Yoga & Facelift, an Android-based application that helps it users learn proper techniques for exercising those troubled muscles in order to restore firmness and youthfulness to cheeks, foreheads and jaw lines. With many different exercises included, you will never grow tired of finding a new workout – although your facial muscles may feel differently. Costing $1.99, you can download this app via the Android Marketplace.


Plastic Surgery

Designed to be a comprehensive resource for those contemplating plastic surgery, the Plastic Surgery app helps users find information on virtually every facet of the cosmetic surgery process. With tons of e-books available for download from within the app, anyone can find the exact information they need to make the most informed decision before consulting with a plastic surgeon. Never be left out in the cold when it comes to valuable information regarding plastic surgery! This app is free to use and can be downloaded to any Android device.


Today’s guest author, Tori Wilson, is a cosmetician at Renovo MD, a clinic for cosmetic dermatology in Shrewsbury, Massachusetts. She is an ace guitarist and enjoys performing at various weddings with her band.

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