Jul 13 2013

Four Apps For Home Beauty Recipes

In the pursuit of beautiful skin, we often seek out any and all remedies that may restore elasticity, firmness and a glowing shine to our otherwise less than perfect skin. From homemade facials to deep cleansing masks, a variety of tips and tricks exist to help us better prepare our skin for evenings out, social events and day-to-day life. Unfortunately, many of these recipes and treatments were unheard of in the past due limited technology and the ability for said information to be distributed. These days, though, a variety of mobile applications exist to help users find all the information they need. Below, we will discuss four of these apps and what each can offer you.

Beauty Care

Packed with dozens of tips on how to treat sagging skin, dull appearance, fine wrinkles and more, the Beauty Care app for Android devices combines simple yet effective remedies with modern technology to give you access to rejuvenating therapies from the palm of your hand. Billed as more of a daily regimen than a one-time consideration, the therapies outlined in the app are effective when combined with proper diet and exercise. The application is free to download and can be a valuable assistant in the fight against aging, sun damage and other forms of harm to your skin.


Natural Beauty Tips

The Natural Beauty Tips app for Android devices combines an array of different exercises and tactics to help you feel and look younger. Not only will you find organic and non-toxic home beauty recipes within the application, but you can also take advantage of a variety of other topics that help you look your best. Some of these include nutritional guidelines and proper diet regimens, tips for exercise routines and how to incorporate them into your daily life, solutions for daily stress and mental exercises to keep you focused. The Natural Beauty Tips app is akin to a personal trainer in your pocket, and can be downloaded for free via the Android Marketplace.


Beauty Tip

Anyone who has struggled with dull or damaged hair, blemished skin or proper makeup application will appreciate the Beauty Tip app, available for download via the Android Marketplace for free. Inside this application, users will find dozens of tips on various subjects – all of which use natural remedies from around the home to enhance your appearance and improve your skin and hair’s quality. Designed to be used on a daily basis, Beauty Tip can be optimal for those who have just a few minutes each day to take proper care of their skin.


Natural Beauty Recipe

The Natural Beauty Recipe app for Android smartphones is exactly what it sounds like: an intuitive encyclopaedia packed with home beauty recipes that you can quickly create to solve existing problems with your skin and hair. Users will be able to browse through a variety of different categories like masks, peels, bath oils and more. Each item displayed has a description on what benefits it provides and step-by-step instructions on how to create each with household items. Currently available for free, the Natural Beauty Recipe can be a powerful tool in the fight against aging and dull skin.


Dave Peters, the author of today’s guest post, is a sales executive at Spa-Rite, one of the leading spas in Melbourne. He’s a tech enthusiast and keeps himself updated with the latest technology trends.

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