Jul 25 2013

Health Goes Mobile

Everyone knows that they need to follow their doctor’s recommendations in order to adequately maintain their health. These days, however, there is much less need to visit a physical doctor’s office in order to have access to professional, medical information related to a huge variety of conditions and symptoms. Our health can be monitored fairly well just using the latest health Android Apps available on our smart phones and tablets. The large majority of these programs were developed by doctors or with the cooperation of certified professionals, allowing users to know that they can trust the information that they are receiving.


Suffering from allergies is a widespread condition that affects millions of people each and every year. While some people may suffer only briefly, having the ability to treat their symptoms with medication, others can experience serious complications from pollen and other allergens in the environment. Individuals suffering from asthma and other immune system-related deficiencies can experience severe symptoms when dealing with allergens. However, this App, developed with the help of Dr. Jennifer Collins who is a professor and physician that specializes in immunology, is here to help. AllergyCast automatically checks the local pollen forecasts for up to four days in advance. It also monitors the current level of allergens in the air. Users can set up the software so that it sets off an alarm when the pollen count goes too high.


Our children are typically the members of the family that need the most assistance and reminding when it comes to maintaining the regular routines which keep us healthy. They are also the ones that can respond the strongest to Apps that feature eye-catching graphics and interactive software. The Time2Brush App will get your kids excited about maintaining their dental health. This App trains children in the proper technique for brushing their teeth. A cartoon character made of toothpaste guides them through the entire procedure, making brushing fun again. The child is told when to move from one section of the mouth to the other with a friendly voice and a musical tone. The real appeal comes with the points system that allows kids to trade in points they earn when brushing in order to dress their digital friend in various outfits. Parents also get something out of the App as well. They can use their smart device to take photos of their child’s mouth should they feel any problems are developing. These photos can then be e-mailed to a certified dentist who will quickly respond with a brief assessment.


Glucose Buddy

Diabetes patients have to be very conscientious of everything that goes into their body all throughout the day. Their blood sugar levels must constantly be monitored to ensure normal levels, a task that is often burdensome and difficult to accomplish. However, this App for both Android and iOS systems make it easy to keep track of all the data needed to stay strong and healthy. It tracks insulin injections, glucose levels, and the number of carbohydrates that you have ingested. This data is analyzed and put into an easy to use graph that illustrates trends in your daily habits. This graph can be printed to give to your doctor as well. Users also find that the daily alarms that can be set as reminders to take injections are extremely beneficial.

While Apps, no matter how sophisticated, are no substitute for an actual visit to the doctor’s office, they do provide minor, helpful information that might otherwise be unavailable to the average individual. Use these Apps to help take charge of your life, and work together with your physician pave a path to a healthy future.

Jenny Wadlow, the author of this guest post, is a freelance blogger who works at one of the leading abortion clinics in Melbourne. She has a keen interest in health and fitness and likes blogging about some tips on improving one’s health.  You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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