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MyAppMentor is a free self-help Android app inspiring people to lead healthier, happier and more successful lives through exercise, nutrition and positive encouragement.  MyAppMentor brings together lifestyle coaches, careers experts and fitness instructors together into one single mobile Android app and works on a simple 3 step process

Step 1. Complete a quick questionnaire and psychometric test
Step 2. Receives a free physical analysis and personality summary
Step 3. Select mentors and coaches to create an individual Life plan

Each life plan contains detailed instructions and guides on diet and nutrition, daily workouts and video mentoring tutorials from a choice of international life coaches and fitness instructors.

MyAppMentor Life Coaches:
Accredited lifestyle and professional career coaches provide mentoring videos across multiple disciplines from boosting confidence and raising self-esteem to learning effective time management and leadership skills plus more to achieve success in their personal and professional lives

MyAppMentor Fitness Instructors:
A team of international personal trainers have created individual exercise regimes to create beginners, intermediate and advanced workouts to suite all styles along with video demonstrations.

MyAppMentor Meals & Recipes:
A personalised menu incorporating healthy nutritious ingredients and super foods is created based on the user’s physical weight and lifestyle. Users simply select their food preferences and the app will create a diet to match their daily calorie requirements to help attain ideal weight. All recipes include nutritional information key food facts plus a handy Shopping List feature.

MyAppMentor Health News:
MyAppMentor also includes fascinating news articles from around the world on physical health & spiritual wellbeing.

About MyAppMentor
MyAppMentor was conceived and developed by Louis Kingston, founder of Synchronised Apps Ltd. After suffering a serious health scare in early 2012 Louis began to research how to lead a healthier lifestyle and concluded that to obtain optimum health and wellness a person needed to adopt a holistic approach to living that included nutrition, exercise as well a healthy mind and positive outlook on life.  Louis decided to launch MyAppMentor to share with others the advice which helped Louis towards a full recovery and how to lead a happier and more fulfilled life.

Louis says: “Whether it’s a turning point, a crossroads or a complete derailment, we all need a starting point to get our lives back on track. I discovered that wanting to be well was really down to me so I went down the self-help route which is extremely powerful. I hope MyAppMentor will strike a chord with many others struggling with life issues. I managed to discover so much information and learn many invaluable lessons along the way, I thought it would be great to share with others and so I decided to develop an app that has the potential to completely transform your physical, emotional, spiritual and professional life instantly”

Developer: Synchronised Apps Ltd

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