Jun 11 2012


Description: The Push-ups application helps you to count the correct push-ups you have done

The “Push-ups” application helps you to count the correct push-ups you have done. Further more, it will remind you about the time to push-up in accordance with your training schedule, shows the plan of your trainings and let you share your achievement to your friends in Facebook and Twitter. Also you can take part in a competition and win prizes!
To count the push-ups:
Choose the mode and the quantity of push-ups
Put your Android under your chest
If you do the push-ups (your chest was close enough to Android Phone) correctly you hear the sound

Cost: Free

Developer: HippoApp

Push-ups by HippoApp does an adequate job of counting push ups. The only thing is you need to go all the way down and get your chest really close to your phone for it to record a push up. It’s better than all those other push up counters that require you to touch your nose to your phone. With Push-ups, you don’t have to touch your phone, you just have to get really close to it. There should be some settings to either calibrate or set the proximity between you and the phone to count a push up, in case you either can’t or don’t want to go all the way down.

Push-ups records statistics by date and allows you to set alerts by either time or count, but it would really benefit from a training program, like other push up apps have.

Push-ups has the potential to be a great push up app if they add a few options.

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