Jun 18 2013

Reduce Your Insurance Premiums With These Four Android Fitness Apps

In recent years, many insurance providers have moved toward models that encourage their policy holders to be in better shape. One of the ways in which this is being accomplished is through the implementation of programs that provide discounts on premiums for those who are in demonstrably good health. Through the use of lifestyle coaches and regular physical examinations, these actions are saving consumers hundreds of dollars per year on health insurance. Fortunately, you can have your own lifestyle coach in the palm of your hand, thanks to technology. Below, we’ll be evaluating four Android applications that can be used to get into shape and begin saving on annual insurance costs.


One of the best ways in which you can increase cardiovascular health and lose weight is through running. RunKeeper is a comprehensive app that tracks your fitness levels using any Android smartphone. You’ll be able to monitor stats such as time spent running, the average speed at which you were running and the number of calories you burned in the process. A built-in heart monitor can estimate the amount of physical exertion you are putting into your workout routines, and integrated music control allows for enjoyment of any and all MP3s directly from the application. This app is free and available for download on the Android Marketplace.


Sports Tracker

Available for free via the Android Marketplace, Sports Tracker is one of the most popular apps used by smartphone owners to get into shape. With tracking and analysis software built into its functionality, users will have no trouble at all calculating calories burned, distance covered and average heart rate. Perfect for bikers, runners and speed walkers, Sports Tracker can be linked with your social media profiles to seamlessly share your progress with friends and family. Anyone who is looking to save on health insurance and get into shape will appreciate the functionality that Sports Tracker offers.


Runtastic PRO

Whether you are starting your new fitness regimen at full speed or entering it slowly, Runtastic PRO has something to offer. Currently priced at $4.99 on the Android Marketplace, this app communicates with you via audio, maps and graphs to keep you aware of progress made in terms of weight loss, endurance and speed. Need an added boost to your workout? Activate the Power Song function to begin streaming your favourite tunes directly to your headphones. With map tracking, you can see everywhere you have ran or walked, while calorie goals will help keep your diet and exercise balanced.


Push Ups

One of the simplest forms of exercise in which anyone can engage, the Push Ups app for Android is a free download that offers users the option of tracking various forms of strength training. Whether you are a novice who can barely do 10 push ups or an expert that can perform 100, the Push Ups app will monitor your initial progress and create custom workouts and quotas that match your fitness level. Fairly simple and straightforward, the Push Ups app can take even a sluggish beginner and improve their upper body strength in just a couple of weeks.


Today’s guest author, Phil Taylor, is a financial consultant at Instant Life Insurance, an insurance firm providing critical illness insurance in Canada. He is a nature lover and an environmentalist and works towards makings this a greener planet in his spare time.

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