Jul 19 2013

Repel Mosquitoes, Cockroaches And More With These Four Apps

Whether you are outside and wish to enjoy a relaxing evening on the deck or have the windows open to let some fresh air inside, the last thing you want to worry about are those annoying critters and insects that nature seems to thrust upon us every summer. In the past, people have used a variety of intrusive methods to keep these critters at bay: expensive home extermination treatments, stinky candles and screened-in areas are just a few examples. These days, though, technology has made it possible to repel these insects without expensive solutions. Below, we will outline four applications that can help you achieve peace, quiet and bug-free areas this summer.

Insect Repellent

The Insect Repellent app is a free download for Android devices and uses your smartphone’s speakers to deliver high-frequency audio that repels mosquitoes from the immediate area. Users can simply load the application, press the giant button on the screen and the sound will begin playing – but do not worry, most human beings are not able to hear the sound in question. Multiple types of insects such as flies, mosquitoes, fleas and ticks are repelled by the piercing sounds, which work as effective at repelling them as light does at attracting certain insects. You can even run the Insect Repellent app when you are asleep to keep bugs out of your bed.


Anti Mosquito

Rated as one of the best ultrasonic repellents currently available on the Android Marketplace, the Anti Mosquito app is designed to keep bugs and critters a safe distance from any room, patio or person. After the application is downloaded, users can quickly activate it to send mosquitoes and other similar flying insects scurrying for cover – away from you. With an adjustable frequency system, users can experiment to see which exact one works best in a given area. Those who wish to find a green solution that avoids the use of pesticides or chemicals will appreciate the Anti Mosquito app, a free download.


Insect Repeller

Designed to handle a variety of insects, the Insect Repeller app can be used anywhere and with any Android smartphone. Users will find that the app is fairly simple: one click to activate the ultrasonic frequencies and one click to deactivate them. Regardless of frills, the Insect Repeller app functions as intended, blasting the immediate area with sounds that are intolerable to most pests like mosquitoes, cockroaches and fleas. In areas with many different types of insects, it can be fun to watch them start to scurry as the sound blasts away as their senses. Like all apps on this list, the Insect Repeller is a free download.


Mosquito Sonic Repeller

The number one application currently on the Android Marketplace for insect repellent, the Mosquito Sonic Repeller has been enjoyed by millions of users around the world. If you wish to avoid dangerous airborne illnesses carried by mosquitoes and other insects, then the Mosquito Sonic Repeller is a great solution. With various pitches available, you can try out multiple frequencies to see which repels those nasty mosquitoes the best. One-touch activation ensures that you can quickly take care of the problem and get back to enjoying the great outdoors.


Today’s guest blogger is Kevin Ben who works at Peregrine, a successful pest control company. He enjoys adventure sports and he is a huge rugby fan.

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