Jun 17 2013

The Age Old Problem Of Acne Amongst Both Teenagers And Adults – Common Acne Myths Revealed!

The FTC has had a huge crackdown on the number of curing acne-related products sold in the marketplace. There has been further problems created by certain iPhone and Android apps and the developers of these apps could find themselves in trouble. However, there is one such app has managed to be well received by both users and government departments alike.

Common Acne Myths

The Common Acne Myths app has been specifically designed to dispel many of the myths about acne. Therefore, it is not much of a cure, but more of an information and advice app. Acne is a common problem for much of the population, and it doesn’t appear to be just age related. Teenagers and adolescents seem to suffer from acne more than anyone else, but these problems can still occur well into adulthood.

Unfortunately, acne can be an embarrassing problem and all too often people fall prey to certain myths. Some of the more common “myths” around acne include, eating chocolate, drinking soda, wearing sunscreen and even suffering from stress. Acne is actually more of a cosmetic problem and there are ways to deal with it. Your diet will play a large part in getting rid of acne, but not everything you read is true.

What You Will Learn From the App

– You will receive detailed information about the main causes of acne and the problems this can cause now and in the future.

– You will learn about certain myths that are related to the type of face wash that you use.

– You will learn the myths that are made about consuming chocolate.

– There is even a section that will dispel any myths about birth control and their relation to acne.

This app doesn’t specifically talk about cures for acne, but basically provides vital information about statements that may or may not be true.


Common Acne Myths is available to the Android market and can be found in their Lifestyle category. The app isn’t free, but will cost just over $1 to download. You will require an Android device of 2.2 or above in order to use this app. The latest update fixed a few minor bugs found on the user interface.

With so much false information that is found online about potential cures for acne it’s good to see that the FTC are clamping down. However, this unfortunately doesn’t help the millions of people who suffer with acne and even let it affect their everyday lives. With that being said, this app is simply there to put you on the right track and discusses some of the most common myths about acne. You may even have avoided a certain food or drink for many years, but still suffer from acne, and can’t work out why. This app will provide you with a huge amount of useful information and may eventually help you to eat and drink the correct foods and avoid scenarios where your acne may be prone to flaring up.

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Today’s guest author, Ian Well, is a nurse at Clarkston Dermatology, a clinic for treatments of Botox in Birmingham, Michigan. He is well read and enjoys his work thoroughly.

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