Sep 07 2013

Throw Away That Can Of Fly Spray And Unleash Your Mighty Android Smartphone!

There must be some point in flies and other bugs existing, but many of us would rather overlook that fact. Many of them just seem to be here to annoy the hell out of us, and they do this with some aplomb. Some people have been so fed up of these buzzing critters that they have moved to colder climes. Perhaps that is a little drastic, but we can really feel their pain. So what can you do when it seems that these insects and rodents are dictating the way we live?  Long gone are the days when you could take the family out for a random picnic, you need to bring all kinds of potions nowadays just to avoid being eaten alive! But did you know that your Android Smartphone may have a few words to say about insects? This article points out a couple of humdinger apps that are here to help.

Anti Mosquito Repellent by Mix Mezcla – Free

Apparently, mosquitoes are the cause of more deaths than any other living thing on this planet. We don’t like those odds one bit and even though we may not live in a malarial affected country, you can never say never. So let’s get those little buggers and get them where it hurts! There are various sprays and potions available but none of them really hit the spot when it comes to creating a mossie-free home. But this app has some pretty impressive credentials and claims to be the one to rely on. Anti Mosquito Repellent utilises an ultra-high frequency that causes no end of pain and misery to these flying fiends, what a shame! The control method for this deterrent is quite impressive and allows you to increase the volume for a further distance when outside. You also have a timer function and can leave it running as you go off to the land of nod, hopefully waking up in the morning without being covered in bites. It’s a cool app and as it’s free, you have nothing to lose except a few minutes of time!

Anti Lizard by DopeDroid – Free

We think lizards are pretty cute little animals but millions of homeowners tend to disagree. As well as having the ability to freak people out with their fast movement and beady eyes, they can also dump their waste wherever they choose, usually in the carpet. The technical word for this fear is Herpetaphobia and if this is you, you’ll need this app pretty quick. As with similar anti-pest alarms, this uses a bespoke frequency that freaks out these mini dinosaurs and has them scurrying off to distant parts quicker than you can yell ‘Get Lost Godzilla!’ It doesn’t hurt their precious ears and the range is up to 30 metres, pretty cool hey? The only problem we can see is what happens if your neighbour has a few pet lizards? Well, never mind, perhaps they’ll buy a dog next time.

Android Is Da Bomb!

They have apps for everything, but just remember to download these two bad boys while they’re still free!

Today’s guest author, Mark Ross, works for ICE, a pest control company that provides services for raccoon removal in Toronto. A nature lover, he is motivated to make this place a greener planet and works zealously towards it in his spare time.

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