Jun 29 2013

The Best Mobile Phones For Music Lovers

Over the last few years one of the most important features of the smartphone has been the music player.  Many are now fitted with top of the range music players and have been given plenty of storage options so the handset is now rivaling the standalone MP3 player.  Many people no longer use a separate player and as this is a trend that is set to continue you can be sure that the manufacturers will continue to develop this aspect of the handset.  So which are the best options on the market at the moment? All these phones are available on contract but you will find some great PAYG deals, too.

iPhone 5

The Apple iPhone 5 is the latest version of this handset and the music player on it is one of the best.  It uses the same technology that goes into the range of iPods and you will find that the quality is great.  The handset can be integrated with iTunes and serous music lovers will not be disappointed.

Galaxy Note 2

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is another top of the range handset and comes with a large screen so it is also ideal for videos.  The quality of the music player is considered to be excellent and the handset has top of the range headphones with it to make sure that you can make the most of its features.  The only downside is the large size as it does not fit easily into a standard-sized pocket.

Xperia S

The Sony Xperia S is more mid-range price-wise but the music player on it is considered to be good enough to compete with the handsets already mentioned.  The headphones are also good quality and it also has plenty of storage available which is perfect for those who are looking to get rid of their MP3 player.

Xperia U

The Sony Xperia U is priced much lower than the aforementioned phones but it sounds just as good as the others.  The headphones are good quality and come complete with a feature that allows you to change tracks without using the controls on the handset itself.  This is ideal for those who listen to music as they travel to work or college as it means that there is no need to mess with the handset as they go.

Lumia 710

The Nokia Lumia 710 is one of the lowest prices smartphones and the music player is very fine quality.  The headphones are also good and users are given access to Nokia Music.  This is similar to an internet radio station and gives the user the option to download songs to the handset so that they can be listened to later.  The storage is fairly low though when compared to others so one option could be cloud storage.

Think Storage as well as Player Quality

Think first about how much storage space you are going to want on the handset and then work from there when choosing your new handset.  As the competition in the smartphone world increases, manufacturers will be making sure that features such as the music player are good quality and will be paying more attention to them so even if you choose a cheaper handset, you should not be disappointed.

Phil Turner has been searching for the best PAYG deals to hang his daughters’ new phones onto. He will not give into their pleas for contract phones because he believes they need to learn restraint in their phone use.

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