Jul 19 2014

Time Phrase Word Clock Widget


A homescreen word clock widget that shows you when its X o’clock, five past, ten past, quarter past, etc. It changes every five minutes. Useful for ESL students wanting to learn English time phrases. Features: + Change widget colors by touching the right side of the widget + Open alarm or desktop clock on some devices, by touching the left side of the widget + horizontal and vertical widget layouts + Scalable widgets, for android 3.0+ + Support small and large screen sizes + Semi-transparent background shows your background image + Includes a lockscreen widget for Android 4.2+ + Supports […]

Jul 19 2014

Baby Boy Fashion Suit


Baby Boy Fashion Suit is a good app for making amazing and good photos.This app has large collection of designer suits for men.Set the image on your photo or apply the different images of suits and see the effect.You can simply click a photo or browse from gallery and place it to the dress provided in this application. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.formationapps.babyfashion&hl=en  

Jul 16 2014

Lowa: Location Address Wallet


Hi, I’ve recently released my first app for Android called “Lowa” ( http://www.lowasoft.net ), an app that helps you manage and share your location address with your friends. “Lowa” is a location wallet management app that allows you to save various location addresses. Once the location addresses are saved you can share them with your friends or send those as images via other social networks (i.e. Twitter, Facebook). “Lowa” will also give you driving directions to the saved places, let you call the associated phone number for that location or find nearby locations shared by other Lowa users. These are […]

Jul 16 2014

The Return of Pestilence


Hi, I’m an indie game developer and recently released “The Return of Pestilence” ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bitorbit.rpestilence ), a sequel of a bug squashing success game that had more than 50,000 downloads. The original “Pestilence” game introduced an innovative idea of combining tilting with bug squashing, gameplay that is continued in the sequel too. “The Return of Pestilence” brings even more levels, more types of bugs, more weapons and obviously more fun. The goal of the game is to exterminate as many pests as possible before they can reach the holes marked with red rings. The gameplay combines the ball-in-labyrinth style with […]

Jul 16 2014

V-Star Mobile Calling


V-Star provides an Android user with a real phone number for free calling among subscribers and hidden calling to non-subscribers. It is especially useful for people who need a different phone number for a social network site, online buying and selling, a second business or online dating. The V-Star app provides free voice calls and text messaging to other app users, in addition to a variety of paid calling plans for users that want a temporary phone number to connect outside of their comfort zone. When users install the app, they are given a choice of several robust plans.   […]

Jul 16 2014



FREE live TV and movies. Over 600 channels and 45000 complimentary movies TV shows and documentaries. All available anywhere in the world through a mobile device. Record local TV. Download the App for FREE NOW! UK, USA TV, Canadian TV, Dutch TV, German TV, French TV, Australian TV, Asian TV and many more. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.filmon.android.aff49577Hy  

Jul 16 2014

KICK MANIA 3D – Football


Dear ANDROID MARKET APPS Greetings from Timuz. We have just released a new mobile game and are excited to send the game details for an honest review on “KICK MANIA 3D – Football”. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.timuzsolutions.kickmania3d&hl=en Game Name : KICK MANIA 3D – Football we can have Video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zADko4YVgw8 Game Category : Racing Games Description: Download and Play your new (FREE) sports game – KICK MANIA 3D on Google Play store now! Kick mania 3D is a Soccer Kicks (Football) game with three different modes. Clear the objectives in each level to win the game. A lovely soccer kicks game you […]

Jul 14 2014

Peg Monsters


Available at: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.breadboygames.pegmonstersdemo The Peg Monsters are here, and it’s only up to You, who will be the last one! Guide the cute monsters trough mind-boggling logic puzzles based on the old traditional game called peg soltaire. Mind-bending brain-teasers and lots of cutesy – that’s what you can expect! Lead the small Peg Monsters trough time and space from historical ages to modern scenes. Pirates, knights, cowboys, Peg Monsters are simply everywhere – even in outer space! One Monster to rule them all! Jump over the other Monsters to make them disappear, only one can win! Features: ● 105 unique […]

Jul 14 2014



Hi, I’m Japanese Android application developer. I have contacted you to request to publish a review article about my new application. Below-mentioned are the details. App Name: Shametan Free Photo Study Store URL: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.gr.java_conf.androtaku.shametan_free Instruction: This application is designed to help you memorize historical words, foreign words or chemical formula. You can take a photo or use saved image in your phone. Then you easily draw lines over words or sentences you want to memorize with your finger. After that, you can memorize them only to touch the lines. This memorizing way is most popular in Japan. Though I don’t […]

Jul 14 2014

Nut Monkey


Film Company Goes Nuts! The film production studio Forja Entertainment have recently released their first game on Google Play. Nut Monkey is a modern take on the classic retro gaming from the past. The high quality graphics, simple controls and challenging game play give us a brand new platform based adventure that’s truly addictive. It comes at a time when mobile trends are moving away from the authentic gaming roots of the past and heading towards the pay to win model that the current generation of gamers are becoming accustom to. Nut Monkey does not include in-app purchases, there’s no […]

Jul 13 2014

Tomi File Manager


File management is a basic but strong need to users who are using android devices. But, obviously you do not need to pay any attention to system files and files of installed applications. YOUR OWN FILES is just what you want to manage, like music files, call recordings, pictures, videos, documents and etc… Frankly speaking, available file manager apps can help you to manage these files, but no one focuses on the right way of managing your own files before Tomi File Manager. Managing files with folders, like on Microsoft Windows, indexing system files, files of installed apps, and users’ […]

Jul 13 2014



—————————————————————————– ●App Name: RagazzA3 ●Developer Name: Halcon ●Category: Game (Casual) ●Price: Free ●Download Links: Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.jpn.halcon.ragazza3 ———————————————————————- App Brief Description: RagazzA3 is a dress-up game in which the player can create outfits and get their fashion sense ranked with Quests. App Full Description: Featuring a unique Japanese design, over 600 items including anime characters and international celebrities-inspired outfits, RagazzA3 is the ultimate dress-up app! The Summer Collection is now available – over 250 brand new items for a very hot summer! “RagazzA” means “girl” in Italian! Create outfits for your unique girl, enter the quests and get your inner […]

Jul 10 2014

Learn English in context


“Learn English in context” uses a unique teaching system that presents more than 70 videos for common day-to-day actions with over 400 words to practice (120 irregular verbs, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, …). Aside the instructional videos, this app also includes dictionaries, games and notes. With “Learn English in context” you get a proven method of learning English faster than with the regular textbook solutions. Here’s what you get by installing this app: – Professional videos that show real situations and allow anyone to exercise and learn new words in clear context – Dictionaries with photos of the used words, sounds […]

Jul 10 2014

Spermania – The race for life is a unique adventure.


Spermania is a fun game that follows the journey of a little sperm cell as it navigates its way through the birth canal. You need to collect sugars and race against competing sperms cells. But be sure to avoid viruses, white blood cells and pools of acid. Winning requires stamina and skill. Spermania was released on June 15th to celebrate Father’s Day. It is available on Google Play for FREE and soon to be on the iOS App Store. Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=me.pinchpoint.spermania Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q-NoXvukeOE Spermania website: http://www.spermania.com/  

Jul 09 2014

20 Minute Guided Meditations


Hello, I want to recommend an android app “20 Minute Guided Meditations”. In our frantic modern world, meditation is becoming more and more popular as people search for ways to relax, de-stress, accelerate their spiritual development and enhance their quality of life. It’s really no surprise that meditation is becoming so common nowdays, as it has so many positive benefits to offer. One of the easiest ways to experience the overall benefits of meditation is to listen to a guided meditation. Can you think of anything more effortless and relaxing than listening to tranquil music while you are guided into […]

Jul 09 2014



Hi, I represent Planwise, a venture backed San Francisco technology company . We have recently released an Android version of Planwise ( http://planwise.com/ ), a free financial decision tool that helps you manage your money wisely that is focused on home affordability. It can be used anonymously or sign up with your email to save your profile and easily re-use your calculations. If you sign up you also get a free access to the complete Planwise web application. It is a powerful financial planning tool that helps you make better financial and investment decisions. Planwise helps with major purchases like […]

Jul 09 2014

Miracle Dice Roller App


Play your next game like a king! Never leave home without your dice again. Our Miracle Dice Roller Application is a stand-alone, numerical random roller using stunning visual graphics to show a huge variety of results. Made for the table-top and board game world it replaces over SIXTY DICE SETS. Three modes exist for the application, a quick mode, complex mode and simple mode. Quick mode allows for a user to roll a single unit of random probability. Everything from a simple coin toss to a die 1000 is covered and easily accessed. For a quick game of Dungeons and […]

Jul 08 2014

Guezz It


Our new game GuezzIt is very interesting and everybody can play this game. It will check your general knowledge and power of guessing. Check pictures and guezz the correct name, earn coins and keep playing 100s of stages with multiple levels and game options. To play this game visit our website at https://www.guezzit.com/  

Jul 08 2014

Fox Tales: Rocket Run


Hi, We’re an indie game development studio called Won-O-Soft and we recently released our eighth mobile game called “Fox Tales: Rocket Run” ( http://www.won-o-soft.com/index.php/games/fox-tales-rocket-run ), an endless rocket flying game where a lovely fox, Kizu, has to collect coins and dodge obstacles. We were encouraged to release a sequel given that the original game achieved more than 50,000 installs. Ever considered strapping a rocket on your back and seeing how far you can go? In “Fox Tales: Rocket Run” you can experience that by helping Kizu, our cute little fox, find out that rockets aren’t toys. The gameplay is incredibly […]

Jul 08 2014

WorldCup Soccer Dance


Hi, I recently released my first Android game (right in time for the World Cup final) called “WorldCup Soccer Dance” ( https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.coprinter.WorldCupSoccerDance.WorldCupSoccerDance ), a game where you can choose your favorite player and do football tricks on most popular tunes right now. “WorldCup Soccer Dance” is a game for soccer fans where after you select your favorite player you have to tap on the indicated spots to see him master the ball with feet, shoulder and head tricks. Even if the gameplay is very simple, as you tap on the indicated spots when the ball crosses that, you’ll play a […]