Aug 06 2014

Kids Rescue Vehicle Puzzles


Sharpen the minds of toddlers with funny puzzles, because that’s what “Kids Rescue Vehicle Puzzles” is about. A series of 6 easy puzzles with rescue vehicles for toddlers to piece together. Aside this, they also get to listen to sounds of real rescue vehicles and finally practice hand-eye coordination while popping fun bubbles once the puzzle is done. Here’s what “Kids Rescue Vehicle Puzzles” offers: – 6 different puzzles with large pieces especially crafted for toddlers – 8 different rescue vehicles each with real sounds for toddlers to get familiar with – balloon popping at the end of each level […]

Aug 06 2014

Color Quiz – Challenging, Brain twisting Android application game


Challenging, brain twisting, color mixing application. Color Quiz has 2 modes, Arcade and Classic, where is the goal of Classic Mode is to mix multiple colors in order to reach the desired color, where Arcade Mode is a challenging mode which gives you a combination of colors and your goal is to figure out which color it will be blended to. In order to beat these levels you need a creative mind, and a bit of luck. Color Quiz includes: * More than 300+ Classic mode levels * More than 210+ Arcade mode levels * Challenging, Brain twisting levels * […]

Aug 02 2014



Pickaxe will unleash the miner in you so get ready to start tapping! You’ll embark on an exciting quest to unveil the most rare and expensive elements in the universe. With perfect pixel art graphics that give a retro touch, Pickaxe is the new mining simulation addiction for mobile gamers. Here’s a few of the features that captivate: – Easy gameplay, just tap on the screen to start mining and discover precious stones – Pixel perfect art for retro-style gamers with accompanying soundtrack and sound effects – Upgrade your items using the diamonds you find to mine even faster and […]

Aug 02 2014

Geometry Heroes


Ahh math class; as our pencils grow duller we grow sharper. but as interesting as the teacher makes it, it’s hard to not allow our minds to wander. Join Bob, a cleverly personified figment of an overactive imagination, as he and his team fight against the Grievously Evil Only Mad Extra Terrible Really Yucky forces ; or GEOMETRY. – Play as over 9 different characters – Choose from 3 different pets to aid you in battle – Play in an intense ” Boss trials” mode where nothing stands between you and the over 5 different game bosses – Use different […]

Jul 30 2014

Lock Screen Club


“Lock Screen Club” is a community based personalization app (currently in beta) with an unique approach by allowing users to create their own lock screen themes and optionally sharing them with the community. With a gallery of breathtaking images already available, “Lock Screen Club” beautifies your smartphone while still displaying useful information when the screen is locked. Here’s some of its features: – Hundreds of lock screen themes to choose from, sorted by their popularity – Ability to create your own lock screen theme using customizable widgets and share them with the community – Preview themes and download them with […]

Jul 30 2014

Askt Free Journal


Always wanted to start a diary? “Askt” is a fast and elegant new app to help you start a journal. Its unique approach to journaling is the fact that everyday you have to answer one thought-provoking question. The best part is you can compare what you answered in previous years, to see how your thoughts evolved in time. Its only “downside”? You can only look back in time, not forward into the future :). Here are some features that make “Askt” your best option for a mobile diary: – Each day of the year you get a different question (i.e. […]

Jul 30 2014

Helium Voice Changer


Do you want to liven up a party for kids? “Helium Voice Changer” is a simple app and the perfect solution to amuse kids (even adults, why not) by altering the recorded voice in a variety of possible outcomes. Here’s some of the features that make it a great entertaining solution for kids: – 30 heroes that are ready to repeat every of your words in an altered voice of course. Your kids could listen to the sounds made by Ben 10, Vladimir Putin, Barack Obama, Steve Jobs, Spiderman as well as various animals, gangsters and even ghosts or skeletons […]

Jul 27 2014

No more miss touch


Hello. I am a Japanese android application developer. I have contacted you to ask if our site could publish a review article. The application I would like you to review is listed below. Application name: “No more miss touch” Application URL: Application outline: This is an application for prevent wrong touch. Thank you for your consideration. ADAMAK    

Jul 27 2014

New addictive game! Maniac Birds


Maniac Birds has an addictive gameplay that you will return again and again to try to get more and more high scores which you can share with your friends on facebook! Support Dui and child to avoid being shot down by maniacs Red Angry Birds as pests that terrorize your home! Playing is free and easy, but mastering it is quite a challenge! Do you accept the challenge to maximize your reflexes and concentration level? Play for free with your friends to see who can get the highest score! FEATURES * Be rewarded as you progress with medals and coins […]

Jul 25 2014

Kuro Jump


App name: Kuro Jump description: Just tap x1 or x2 to jump into the bubble. It’s easy, fun, and very addictive! Great for spending time or played when bored! The graphics are also very cute! the white whale is cute and funny! Currently it ranked 2nd in all categories, 2nd in all games, and 1st in arcade game in Thailand appstore  

Jul 24 2014

Emergency Ambulance Driving 3D


Best Open World Emergency Simulator! Be the best ambulance driver in this new open world ambulance driving game. Emergency Ambulance Driving 3D gives you many rush missions to accomplish, in a super real 3d driving game experience. Freedom to choose the best route, avoid traffic, save lives, get cool upgrades, new ambulance unlocks; and ultimately you get to drive insane to save lives! When you complete each level new missions and advanced ambulances will be unlocked.

Jul 24 2014



‘Democrazy” a political game that tries to mirror the craziness behind elections in a democratic country. In Democrazy you play a young politician with big ideas on how to solve the world’s most pressing problems. However, the first obstacle is actually being elected and for that you have to enter and play the political game everyone else is doing. Can you become the President of the United States? The goal is to gain enough votes until the election day and to do that you have to either spend money to spread your message or perform specific activities. Will you accept […]

Jul 24 2014

Zoo Break: Countryside


“Zoo Break: Countryside” is a fun platformer where you have to help Jango, Gogo, Abie and Tazo to escape the zoo and reach the countryside. It’s an adventurous journey that puts your reflexes to the test as you dodge tons of dangers and clear new hurdles as you discover new lands. Explore the vast greens of the African Savanna, battle the evil spirits of the Spooky Graveyard, swim through the vast Caribbean Sea and sprint through the Bahamian beach. A nail biting game of ultimate hand eye coordination that will keep you on the edge with features such as: – […]

Jul 24 2014

Baby Girl Fashion Suit


Baby Girl Fashion Suit is a good app for making amazing and good photos.This app has large collection of designer suits for men.Set the image on your photo or apply the different images of suits and see the effect.You can simply click a photo or browse from gallery and place it to the dress provided in this application.

Jul 20 2014

FootieQuiz Career & Challenge


FootieQuiz Career & Challenge has over 10000 unique football questions and over 10,000 members online. To put things into perspective, you could answer a question per hour every day for an entire year before running out of new quiz questions. A true dream for any football fan that wants to test the accumulated knowledge. Here’s an overview of what FootieQuiz CC offers: – Over 10000 unique quiz questions, more than any other football quiz app there (probably combined) – More than 500 different quizzes to master, from club/player/competition quizzes to head-to-head ones where you compete against your mates – Two […]

Jul 20 2014

Happy Baby Piano


What makes this the best baby piano app? Well my 2 year old loves it! By watching her play with it I have improved it and made it even better. There are different engaging scenes with fruits or stars that bounce on the keys to get your child’s attention. Actually my daughter loves to name the fruits as she presses the keys on the baby piano. The sound are from a wonderful real piano, beautifully sampled and not clipped too short. Even though it is a kids piano you can play some nice tunes and press multiple keys for chords. […]

Jul 20 2014

HighSpeed! Numbers


Dear Editor, I am Japanese game developer Moaisoft. I have contacted you to ask if our site could publish a review article. I would like to introduce you that we launched our new smartphone game on Google Play. It’s called “HighSpeed! Numbers”. Our new app has been play by many people in the world, and it has good repute for smartphone game. We will be glad if you could introduce our “HighSpeed! Numbers” on your recent publication. The application I would like you to review is listed below. Application name: HighSpeed! Numbers Application URL: Application outline: —————————————————————- “HighSpeed! […]

Jul 19 2014

Save the Joker


Hi, I would like my App “Save the Joker” to be featured and added on you site. These are the details: Mission “Save the Joker” is here kids! Do you want the coolest brain game, with a puzzling twist? Save the Joker is ArcadeRush Games’ newest addition to the club. Help the waving joker go through different puzzling situations and find his way home. Kids, you need more brains than you think to get to the next level of this puzzle game! So kids you play this super fun game where you have to break objects and make the joker […]

Jul 19 2014

Cannon Crasha


Hello, Following the success of Cannon Crasha for iOS (praised by Kotaku, IGN, TUAW and others) we created and recently launched an Android version available for free on Google Play: Cannon Crasha is a game where two opposing castles fight against each other on a battlefield. The goal is to destroy the enemy with a comically large cannon, armed units and a plethora of spells! Each castle’s destruction is shown in real time and allows you to plan your cannon shots carefully by using the right artillery, taking into account the constantly shifting wind and aiming for the essential […]

Jul 19 2014

Beautiful Music Player for Android


It is a simple yet stylish music player for android. It is one of the most beautiful music player with a blurry theme. It app lets you manage your music very easily and effectively Listen to your favourite music on the most elegant and beautiful user interface. It is based on artists ,albums,songs,playlists etc.