Jul 27 2013

5 Creative Ways To Display Your Instagram Photos

The concept behind Instagram is incredibly simple. You snap a quick picture, add a filter to it, then share it on your Instagram profile and on other social media profiles that are connected to your Instagram account. It’s crazy to think about how such a simple concept became so popular, and that nobody thought of this idea before!

However, Instagram has become so popular that a lot of people aren’t happy with just sharing their Instagram photos on social media sites alone. A lot of people love their pictures so much that they want to display them somewhere physically. If you are one of these people, and you want some great suggestions on creative ways to display your Instagram photos, then continue reading this article. It’s packed with loads of awesome ideas on how to display your Instagram photos.

#1 Drink Coasters

Printing your Instagram photos onto drink coasters is a great way to display them, as every time you grab yourself a drink you will be reminded of the moment in which the photo was taken. You may think that making drink coasters with Instagram photos is going to be difficult, but it really isn’t. There are loads of guides online on how to make your own Instagram coasters, and making them only requires a few lost cost materials.

#2 Placemats

Making placemats that contain Instagram photos is done in a much similar way to drinks coasters. The only difference is that placemats are a little bigger. Nonetheless, Instagram placemats are still a fantastic way to display your favourite Instagram photos. Each time that you sit down for a meal you will be able to see pictures of your favourite locations, places and people, which is a wonderful thing.

#3 Bunting

Bunting is yet another creative way to display your Instagram photos. It’s really simple to make too. All you need is some high quality photo prints of the Instagram photos you wish to display, some string, and a few small cheap clothes pegs. There’s no need to cut your Instagram photos into triangle shapes either, like bunting usually is, just print them out so they’re about the size of a polaroid picture. Just peg your photos onto the string and hang the bunting up wherever you wish to put it.

#4 Prints On Wood

Printing your Instagram photos onto a wood canvas is another marvelous idea. However, creating prints on wood is a little more difficult to do yourself than the other previously stated methods. It’s a much better idea to get a professional to do it for you. All that you will be required to do is send them your photos and they will create you a professional wood print of your Instagram photos.

#5 A Framed Collage

Collages are really easy to make, and are an awesome way to display the Instagram photos that you love and cherish. All you need is a photo frame (the more photos that you have the larger the frame should be), some glue and the Instagram photos that you want to display. Before you stick the Instagram photos in place you should spend some time arranging them until you are happy with the way the collage looks. After that, glue the photos down and put the collage up where you want it.

This is a guest post by Ashley Williamson, a freelance writer who shares her creative ideas on different blogs.

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