Jul 15 2013

4 Of The Best Android Apps For 21st Century Drivers

Whether you drive a racing car or a family saloon, there are lots of car related apps available for download in the Google Play store. Some are designed to help you manage your car expenses whereas others can help you avoid speed cameras or prevent you from losing your vehicle in the parking lot. So, if you are looking to combine motoring with apps, there are a few apps you may wish to try.

MyCar Locator

Ever forgot where you left your car in the mall parking lot? This is a particularly vexing problem and surprisingly common if you happen to drive a generic model in a popular color. On a busy Saturday afternoon, there could be hundreds of similar looking cars in the lot. But fear not because the MyCar Locator app can make your life a lot easier. With the aid of GPS, the app pinpoints the exact location of your vehicle and gives clear instructions to help you relocate it. You can even use the app to help you locate other things, including tents, hotels and elderly relatives.


SpeedView Pro

Do you drive an older car and your speedometer has stopped working recently? If so, you could be at risk of falling foul of speed limits. It is easy to drive too fast when you have no way of telling what speed you are traveling at, which is why the SpeedView Pro app for Android is so useful. This handy app gives you lots of useful information, including your current speed, maximum speed, plus distance traveled and the direction you are currently heading in. You can even use the app for cycling and running if you are feeling energetic. User reviews are very positive, so rather than buying a new dashboard speedometer, download this app for $0.99 instead.



The aCar app is a very popular car management tool for business and personal users. Use this app to keep a track on how much fuel you buy, plus car maintenance expenses, service schedules and any other car related expenses. More than one million users have downloaded the app and the vast majority of them found it to be excellent. The basic aCar app is free, but if you want to take advantage of the extra features, such as statistical charts, extra languages and more frequent data backups, you may wish to pay a small fee for the Pro version instead.



Anyone with a history of hitting stationery objects whilst driving should definitely consider downloading the iOnRoad Augmented Driving Lite app for Android. When installed on a dashboard mounted device, the iOnRoad app can help alert you to objects in the road ahead using audio and visual alerts. The app will also warn you if you drift out of your lane on the highway and take pictures of other drivers who cut you up.


There are so many auto apps to choose from in the Google store, it can be tough to make a final decision. However, if you are not sure whether an app is right for you, always download the free version before opting for the paid version, and if in doubt, spend time reading the user reviews first.

The author of this post, Todd Jacobson, is a part of the team at Sports Car Driving Experience, a racing school that teaches competition dynamics and car control. He has a keen interest in sports cars and enjoys writing blog posts about the same.

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