May 22 2013

5 Surprising Ways Personal Injury Lawyers Use The Google Nexus Tablet

Advancements in technology continue to be the topic of much excitement and debate. Paper and telephone calls are things of the past. 2013 is about online sharing through Google and online calls through Skype. Tablets are the latest trend in technology in 2013, as well, because technology needs to be more compact and more versatile to suit the needs of today’s working professionals who engage in and compete with the fast-paced, globalized world. Now, once traditional, paperwork and phone call only professions have hopped on the technology bandwagon, using tablets to improve both marketing to and customer service for their clients. This includes the legal profession.

Ken Hardison, founder of the Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association, teamed up with Patrick Anderson, a leading mobile application expert, to bring technology to his personal injury practice through the Google Nexus Tablet.

Now, the Google Nexus Tablet is being used by personal injury lawyers in five surprising ways.

To Reach Out and Touch Clients

The Google Nexus tablet allows attorneys to reach out and touch their clients. The specific features of this tablet, such as the easy-to-use touch screen and simplified navigation through on-screen controls, let clients feel as if their attorney is truly right at their fingertips. This is an important part of bridging the distance between attorneys and their clients, and being able to build a strong attorney-client relationship is key to getting and keeping clients, as well as representing each client successfully.

To Enhance Attorney-Client Communication

The Google Nexus Tablet also allows attorneys to enhance attorney-client communication. The cloud-based feature of this tablet puts information directly into the hands of the client’s attorney, as well as into the hands of the attorney’s staff.

Having this information ready and available is key to efficient, faster communication. Communication is also key to problem solving, which is what attorneys do for their clients.

To Speed Up the Legal Process

In addition, the Google Nexus Tablet allows attorneys to speed up the legal process. Communication between attorneys and their clients is not just faster, but more efficient. Therefore, communication between attorneys and third parties involved in the case, such as the defendants or the judge, is also more efficient and faster. When it comes to scheduling important dates and meeting deadlines, this kind of efficient, fast communication is key.

The “Medical Care Companion”

Furthermore, The Google Nexus Tablet comes with the “Medical Care Companion,” an application system that has been specially designed to suit the needs of personal injury attorneys and their clients. The Medical Care Companion system is made up of applications that mainly focus on client well-being and relaxation. For example, the system comes with fun games and cleansing sights and sounds.

Highlight Application: “Triage”

The Medical Care Companion comes with the “Triage” application, an application that has been specially designed to help clients document and record their accident from day one. Using Triage, clients can keep track of and share symptoms they suffer from, visits they take to the doctor, and medications they have been prescribed by a doctor. 

However, there are many tablets on the market, and there are many professionals in the world. What can a tablet do for your profession?

Jason McMinn specializes in personal injury law at the McMinn Law Firm, which is located in Austin, Texas. The McMinn Law Firm also boasts an additional specialty: criminal defense.

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