Aug 28 2013

6 Truly Time-Saving Apps For Real Estate Investors

Real Estate Investor Apps

Staying on top of real estate investment opportunities today requires being connected to the digital realm, and there are a number of must-have smart phone apps that every real estate investor needs to have on his or her phone. Whether an investor is an old pro at making purchases or whether someone is just getting into the real estate investment game, having these apps will help any investor to make smart decisions.

1. Property Evaluator
Property Evaluator
The beginning and end of real estate investment is making a profit, and this app helps with the analysis of whether a property will eventually turn a profit. Entering basic details into the app will result in a projection regarding potential profit. In addition, the app will help an investor to decide upon a group of properties under consideration for purchase, and will offer advice on which property will offer the biggest return on investment.

2. Invoice2Go
Acting like a contractor with a big group of handymen and subcontractors may require a ton of paperwork. This app makes it easy to estimate jobs, handle invoices, and create reports on spending. Never lose another invoice again when it’s stored with this app, and take advantage of a simple way to keep track of unpaid invoices and unfinished work.

3. Smarter Agent
Smarter Agent
Act just like a real estate agent and access MLS listings with this app’s simple interface. One of the most valuable elements of this app is the information for recently sold homes. As any real estate investor knows, looking at recently sold homes in an area is vital for being able to make a good offer on a potential purchase. The app uses GPS to gather information details about close properties, so it’s possible to perform a quick search while sitting right outside a potential investment property.

4. The Landlord App
The Landlord App
For any real estate investor who holds onto properties and builds profits through rentals, The Landlord App helps manage multiple properties. Managing a group of rentals takes a lot of paperwork and time, and this app provides major details about each property and makes at-a-glance tracking much easier. One of the nice features of this app is the ability to transfer important details to a desktop.

5. Zillow
Zillow Android App
Zillow offers a host of real estate apps, but the most valuable apps for real estate investors will likely include “Zillow Rentals Pro,” which helps set up rental agreements. Also valuable, is the standard “Zillow Real Estate” app, which includes a search tool of live listings in micro format that’s suitable for smart phone presentation. Utilizing a tablet computer for searching Zillow’s listings is recommended for the best view of investment properties.

6. Property Fixer
Property Fixer
Anyone who is in the investment game as a real estate flipper will want to download this app as soon as possible. It takes only a few minutes to analyze a property to determine whether it’s appropriate for a flip and whether the possibility of a healthy profit exists. The app provides analyses for single or multiple properties and even offers information on commercial properties.

Just like any other business sector, time is money in real estate as well. These 6 apps will help anyone involved in real estate to manage their time effectively and get a jump on the competition.

Jenny Wadlow, the author of this guest post, is a freelance blogger. She likes to talk about various financial topics including real estate investing. She has worked with Elevation Melbourne and has gained a lot of experience in the field of real estate. You can follow her on Twitter @JennyWadlow.

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