Aug 15 2009

OI Shopping List

Description:The OpenIntents Shopping list lets you keep track of your shopping items.  You can also use it for other kinds of check lists, for example for ToDo lists or party guest lists.

Version: 1.1.2

Cost: Free

Developer: OpenIntents

shopping menu


choose shopping list

The OI Shopping list is a simple and easy to use shopping list.  You can have multiple lists and enter each item with options of “Tags” and “Price”.   You can check off the items and remove them from your list with the “Clean up list” option.  If you want to add the item back at a later date, you can use the “Pick items” option to add it back to the list.  This is a good option, but one thing you can’t do is permanently delete an item from your shopping list.  So if you’ve added that item to your shopping list, it will be permanently on your “Pick items”  list.  This isn’t really a problem if you’re the only one using this list, because you won’t care what you have on your list.   But if for some reason, you’re going to let other people use your list or you’re going to send your list to somebody, then this might be a problem.  If you put anything embarrassing (like anti fungal cream) on that list, then somebody could find that said embarrassing item, if they we’re to scroll through the pick items list.  That’s not an issue for me because I wouldn’t ever let anybody see my list nor do I purchase any items I deem embarrassing, and I don’t need anti fungal cream.

In all, a nice simple and easy to use shopping list.

Download Here

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