Feb 26 2010

ASTRO File Manager

Description: Manage Files, Applications and Tasks
– Read zip,tgz files
– Image and File viewer
– Selectable Tool icons
– Shortcuts
– Task killer
– SD card usage
– Backup & restore multiple public applications
– Send files as attachments
– Search

Version: 2.2.4

Cost: Free

Developer: Metago

A file manager is one of those apps that everybody should have on their phones. Astro File Manager does the job impeccably.  With Astro File Manager, you can browse the files on your phone, backup apps, search for files, create folders, edit files, check SD Card Usage and view, open, kill applications.

One of the most important uses for Astro File Manager is the backup feature.  You can back up all public apps to the SD card.  With the pitiful internal memory of the Android phones (G1 = 74 MB,   MyTouch = 512 MB, Droid = 256 MB, Nexus = 256 MB), backing up apps becomes critical.  If you have an app that you don’t use much right now but don’t want to delete it completely from your phone, back up the app to the SD card, then uninstall it.  This will erase it from your internal memory, thus freeing up space on your internal memory.  Then at a later date, if you want to reinstall the app, go to the backup folder in Astro File Manager, select the backed up app from the “Back Up Apps” tab and re-install it.

Viewing and playing files is easy with Astro File Manager.  Select the file and it will give you an option to view or play the file using Astro’s viewer or an available installed viewer.   Files can be either listed or viewed as icons.

The Process Manager displays the CPU and Memory usage of the current running apps, services and process.  From the Process Manager, you can kill, open, or ignore apps, or view app details.  This is helpful if an app is using a large amount of resources, you can choose to kill it.

SD Card statistics show the size of each folder in the SD card, the percentage of space each folder is using, and number of files in the folder.

Create ZIP files by creating a new ZIP file, then copying and pasting files into the ZIP file.

Send files using SMS, Email, or to Picasa.  This featured didn’t work for me.  I tried to send a file to an email address but it never got to it’s destination.

Astro File Manager is a powerful tool to manage the files in your phone and is easy to use.  One of the best file managers I’ve seen.  One thing I’d like to see is an online back up feature.

Download Here

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