Jul 12 2013

Avoid Woes At The Dry Cleaner With These Four Apps

For some of us, the dry cleaner represents everything we dislike about clothing – the precautions that must be taken to avoid damage to our favorite suits and dresses, the amount of time that it takes to clean the clothing and the unexpected mishaps that occasionally happen are all reasons to avoid the dry cleaner altogether. Still, many people rely on the dry cleaner and cannot walk away from the services that they provide. A variety of mobile applications have arrived, however, that can help those who use and do not use the dry cleaner alike ensure that their clothes are properly taken care of, and we will discuss each in the following article.


Some of us have never felt comfortable around the washing machine, afraid that we might damage our most valuable articles of clothing. With the LaundryMate application for Android devices, however, users can feel empowered and finally understand all of those complicated codes and directions that we find on each tag. If a certain garment is washing machine-safe, users will be able to access the proper washing techniques through the codes on the tag in the app’s repository of information. This can also help users if the purchase of a certain piece of clothing is under consideration: some may decide that a dry clean-only garment is not worth the effort.


MyDryCleaner Mobile

Hundreds of dry cleaning companies around the globe have started to use the MyDryCleaner Mobile application, which can be found on the Android Marketplace. MyDryCleaner Mobile is a comprehensive way to keep track of your current dry cleaning items – the business will alert you via the app whenever an order is ready to be picked up, and can even send you alerts on special deals and discounts. If you need to speak with an actual person about an order, the app can quickly connect you via phone to the dry cleaner business in order to resolve any issues or answer any questions.


The Stain

Before you head to the dry cleaners over a sullied suit, you may wish to first check out The Stain app, which provides its users with plenty of ways to properly clean and treat a variety of stains. The guide outlines more than one hundred stain fighting solutions that cover everything from dirt and sweat stains to blood, ketchup, wine and other hard-to-remove stains. Inside the app, you will also find a clothing tag decoder to help you further understand how each garment should be washed. If the task of stain removal proves too hard or impossible due to the type of clothing, the built-in dry cleaner finder can be used to ensure that the stain is ultimately removed.


No Dry Clean

Many people wish to avoid the dry cleaners because of the toxic chemicals and harmful processes that can ultimately damage both your clothing and the environment. With the No Dry Clean app for Android devices, users no longer have to compromise their principles for clean clothing. The app will help users find a variety of alternative cleaning companies in their area that provide services such as wet cleaning, carbon dioxide cleaning and other popular solutions.


Today’s featured writer, Mike Jones, is a sales executive at Portable Washer, a leading dealer of portable washing machines in Canada. He enjoys cycling and trekking in his free time.

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