Jul 03 2013

Boost Your Driving Skills With These Awesome Android Apps!


More and more people are taking to the roads every year and this means we have to take a little extra care to avoid any possibility of having an accident. The roads are becoming more congested and the skills of these newer drivers can be somewhat erratic. That is not to say that experienced drivers are not without their own set of flaws. It can be easy to drive in a kind of semi-trance if you happen to use the same route day in day out for a number of years. Complacency is one of the biggest causes of road traffic accidents worldwide. As the driving rules change over the years, it may be a good idea to take some kind of refresher course to keep motorists up to date. There are some new apps available for Android devotees and they are aimed at improving our driving skills. This article takes a look at two of them for all of the concerned drivers out there.

Canada Driving Theory Test by BlueHawks Inc – $1 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=imagineinc.com&hl=en

Our first Android app is actually the first of its kind on this platform and it is a very decent application indeed. There are over 250 driving theory example questions included in a very easy to use layout. Many would-be drivers seem to find issues with this part of the driving test and failing this repeatedly can be fairly expensive as well as delaying the practical test. This piece of software also includes 5 mock tests so you can keep trying until you are confident enough to go for the real thing. There is a handy tracking system to let you know how close you are getting and a really cool re-test feature to save a little time. We love this app and believe it will be just as useful for those motorists who have not kept up to date with the rules and regulations! Every question is based on the excellent Driver’s handbook and you will soon be a wizard on this subject if you put a little time in.

Shell Motorist by Shell – $Free https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.shell.sitibv.motorist

Our second Android offering is a very handy application from those fuel giants over at Shell Corporation. This app has been designed to help the Canadian motorist get more out of driving and it does pretty much what it promises to deliver. You get some pretty cool motorist tips that include a very good maintenance reminder feature, this also tells you when to tax and insure you beast in a timely manner. A route planner is also featured with a comprehensive set of very user friendly sections. You also have discounted choices of various Shell products that can be accessed via a Shell loyalty card. Whilst on the road, should you require some gas, there is a handy guide to the nearest Shell station. This app may be a tad self-promotional in some aspects but as long as you don’t have any issue with Shell, then you should be just fine with the useful feature packed application!

Driving Just Got Easier!

Two very different driving aids but at just one dollar between them we believe you can’t really go wrong!

This guest post is contributed by Harry Blake, a sales executive at Get Me Tires, a company that sells car tires in Toronto. He has a lot of interest in technology and likes to talk about the latest gadgets. His hobbies include watching movies and playing hockey.

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