May 23 2013

Business Cards Made Digital – Four App-Based Solutions To Doing Business

Anyone who has gone into business for themselves or otherwise works in a field where getting their name out is important, knows that business cards are a tried and true element of doing business. Even with an ample amount of technology replacing everything we know with newer and more efficient ways of handling affairs, the look and feel of a tangible business card is hard to replace. Still, this industry too is feeling the repercussions of technology – which is not necessarily a bad thing. Below, we have selected four apps that are changing the way we present, create and store business cards.


You probably have several business cards of your own stuffed into your wallet, but what do you do with all those business cards from other associates that you have accumulated over the years? ScanBizCards aims to transform those contacts into an easy to access digital format, and with an array of intuitive features, it does an excellent job. Upon scanning, information is added to your iPhone’s address book, an original image of the card is stored and custom fields can even be created to gather additional information on the business card. Sharing your business card with other app users is also streamlined, and for just $3.99, there are dozens of reasons why ScanBizCard makes a valuable mobile addition.


Some people are thinking ahead to a time in which the physical business card may no longer exist. Bump allows its users to share business cards on NFC compatible phones by simply ‘bumping’ them together. In addition, users without NFC can share business cards through traditional sharing options built into the app. Whether you are out and about, or at home, Bump will sync its contents with your desktop and other mobile devices to ensure you always have the latest version of contact information available. This app is free and available on both iTunes and Android Marketplace.

CamCard Free

Perhaps one of the most versatile business card app available, CamCard Free includes options such as business card scanning, email recognition, contact information sharing and multi-language recognition. The only limitation in the free version is the number of cards you can save: up to 20 business cards can be scanned and added in the first week, with another 2 more being allowed every week thereafter. For those who have a manageable number of business cards to handle, CamCard Free is a great option. You can find this app for both iOS and Android devices.


Those who are looking for an easy way to create their own custom business cards will enjoy the Zazzle app, which gives you access not only to business card production but much more. With a pre-designed card in hand, the Zazzle app can be used to capture a photo of the card and apply it to any business card template offered by the service. In just a few clicks, you can place an order for custom business cards, with most orders shipping within 24 hours. You can find the Zazzle app on the iTunes store (free).

Adam Warner is a businessman by profession and carries out business card printing online. He is a tech enthusiast and is always in search of technologies that would help increase his business efficiency. He also likes soft music and has an enviable collection of songs.

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