Sep 04 2012

Craigslist Mobile

Description: Searching with photo preview and Posting to Craigslist from your Android Phone.

Craigslist Mobile provides a simple and intuitive interface, but an extensive set of features to search, post, browser and reply on

What will you find inside?

✓ ✓ The only Android App that allows you to search and post an ads directly from your phone!!
✓ Sophisticated mobilizer algorithm to make the Craigslist webpage fit in the phone screen nicely.
✓ Posting ads directly from your Android Phone.
✓ Posting with or without an account.
✓ Browsing and searching the
✓ Quick preview of the posts along with thumbnail of the photos.
✓ Support all major countries and states.
✓ Email the post to friends or yourself.
✓ Contact the poster via email or phone call.
✓ Battery life friendly! No background service to drain your phone’s battery.
✓ Save the post to favorite.
✓✓ And more!

If you have any question and suggestion, please email us at Please include the Category, Location and search keywords when you report any problem.
Thanks and enjoy!

NOTES on Permissions needed by Craigslist Mobile App:

This feature is only used when you are trying to contact the sellers on the craigslist via phone call.

This feature is only used when you need to post a new ads on craigslist with a picture taking with your phone.

Cost: Free

Developer: YYH Creative

If you are a craigslist fan, you have to download the craigslist mobile app. Almost anything you can do on the craigslist website, you can do on the app.

Searching is quick and easy. Contacting buyers only takes about 2 clicks. Posting an ad is simple and you can post a picture directly from your phone.

Download Here From Google Play

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