Feb 18 2012

DocuSign Ink

Description: DocuSign Ink

Sign and return documents on your Android. DocuSign Ink is the world’s first personal electronic signature for everyone. Once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever got along without it!

★ Rated a Top Productivity Tablet App for 2011 ★

“This app is absolutely gorgeous and can save you time and money by canceling out printing, scanning, faxing, and all of that stuff we no longer like to do.” — Drew Olanoff of TheNextWeb.

DocuSign Ink is an easy-to-use, free app that lets you sign and return any document on your Android device in seconds. Never print, scan, fax, ship or use a pen again to sign and send documents! Unlike other apps that merely stamp your signature into a document, DocuSign Ink lets you create your own unique signature and ID card, add it and other data anywhere you like on the documents, and then send the documents back through email to anyone. Best of all, you can sign an unlimited number of documents and all your completed documents are stored for free in the cloud – available anytime, anywhere. Signing and sending documents has never been easier!

DocuSign Ink runs on the world’s leading electronic signature network trusted by more than ten million users to complete more than 110 million transactions in over 55 countries. DocuSign is safe, trusted, and reliable.

Key features:

‒ Sign, send, and store as many documents you want – for free!
‒ Open documents directly into DocuSign Ink from hundreds of locations, such as email, Google Docs, Box.net, Dropbox, and many more
‒ Supports all major document file types, including PDFs, Microsoft Office documents, and image files
‒ Simply drag and drop your signature, initials, date or checkboxes right into any document, and resize to fit any form. Also supports page rotation
‒ Create and save your online signature by writing on the screen with a stylus (and even your finger) or selecting from several customized signature styles
‒ Automatically convert PDF form fields so you can fill them out and sign in seconds!
‒ Store all your signed documents online with secure, cloud-based storage
‒ Documents uploaded to DocuSign are fully-encrypted for your protection
‒ Additional plug in for Microsoft Outlook and support for Gmail, Hotmail, YahooMail!, and others via the ink@docusign.com forwarding
‒ Take a picture of a document to sign
‒ Sign up and log in with your social ID credentials – Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more
‒ Manage your signed and in process documents
‒ HTC OpenSense SDK Enabled for enhanced HTC Scribe Pen interaction

Here are some cool ways to use DocuSign Ink for your personal and professional life:

‒ Sign a school form or permission slip
‒ Sign a lease or rental agreement
‒ Authorize direct deposit, change of address and other forms
‒ Agree to service from builders, contractors, plumbers and more
‒ Initial a change order or work order
‒ Sign a NDA or business contract
‒ Complete a real estate transaction
‒ Commit to fulfilling tasks or New Year’s resolutions
‒ And much, much more!

DocuSign Ink is available for:
Desktop: Mac, Windows and Web
Mobile: Android, iPhone
Tablet: Android, iPad
Web: Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer
Software and Service Plug-Ins: Microsoft Outlook 2007-2010

Supported Accessories:
HTC Scribe Pen

More information about eSignature and ESIGN compliance:

Have questions? Looking to connect with other DocuSign Ink for Andriod Users?
Check out our Community! http://community.docusign.com/t5/DocuSign-Ink/ct-p/DocuSignInk

Learn more: http://www.docusign.com/ink

Cost: Free

Developer: Docusign

DocuSign Ink is an incredibly useful app if you have documents to sign while on the go. DocuSign Ink is an easy to use, fast and efficient way to sign electronic documents. Set up your signatures in DocuSign Ink and all you need to do is drag your signatures to where ever you need them on the document. After your finished signing the document, secure the document and email them to whomever. DocuSign Ink converts secured documents to PDF form. After the document is secure, it can’t be edited anymore and is provided with a certificate of authenticity. DocuSign ink works with all types of documents and even works with a picture taken from your phone.

A couple things DocuSign Ink can improve on:

  • Signature quality is not very good. I failed to create a clear signature. It always came out a little faded.
  • Text size can’t be edited
  • Doesn’t support multi touch zoom


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