Apr 02 2010

Dolphin Browser

Description:Powerful, Fast & Elegant web browser for Android 2.0.1+.Browsing made wonderful.

Smart Phone, Clever Browsing!
Dolphin Browser HD, presented by Mobotap, is the most intelligent mobile web browser available that allows you to interact and engage with the web through your mobile device in the easiest, most intuitive way.

We love hearing from you! If you feel you need to rate us anything below 5 stars, please email us to give us a chance to resolve your issues and to provide you with assistance:support@dolphin-browser.com

Here’s what others are saying:
Media Reviews:
-“Dolphin Browser was quite the find when it first broke the surface, pretty much pioneering alternative browsers on the Android platform.” CNet
-“Dolphin is the most capable browser available for Android.” PC Mag
-“Dolphin Brower is a “must try” browser for every Android device owner.” Gigaom
-“Dolphin Browser HD Is a Great Android Browser Alternative.” Lifehacker

Customer Reviews:
– “I just want to say thank you for the BEST DROID BROWSER and for it being free. I am so grateful to have this on my phone I will do anything to promote you guys or donate please keep me posted on future events.” [Théodore Bienvenue] Comments on Facebook
– “Anyone with an Android device should use @DolphinBrowser. Way better than Firefox, Opera, or any stock browser.” [Soulmech] Mentions on Twitter
– “Works like a dream, unlike the original browser. Love the custom touch commands SE X10.” [carl] Five star on Android Market
What makes Dolphin better than others?
✓ Add-on
Do customize your own browser, and make your browser look and function the way you want. Beef up your Dolphin by installing your favorite Add-ons.

✓ Gestures
Simplify the way you navigate the mobile web. Open any of your favorite websites with just the touch of your fingertip in lightning speed.

✓ Webzine
Bring out the beauty of the web and with Dolphin Webzine users can experience the web like never before.

✓ Multi-touch Pinch Zoom
Find it hard to read webpages in desktop view? Dolphin Multi-Touch Zoom solves that problem. Pinch your fingers on the screen and make the text bigger or smaller.

✓ Tabbed browsing
Real tabbed browsing. Feel like you are on a desktop. Add tabs within Dolphin just like you would on a desktop.

✓ Sidebar
With Dolphin, you can swipe to the right side to use Tool Bar to quickly launch additional features, like full screen or your favorite Add-ons. Swipe to the left side to browse your bookmark list and folders.

✓Speed Dial
Put favorite sites on Speed Dial. Stop looking around in your bookmarks. Forget about typing out long URL. Just put your favorite sites on Speed Dial.

✓ Smart Address Bar
Smart and effortless browsing by auto-completing URL and context menus When you type the first few characters of a URL, Dolphin auto-complete the URL by displaying all results from both bookmarked items and your browsing history.

✓ Bookmark Folder
Dolphin Bookmark Folder now live on your mobile phone Bookmark folder is not just a luxury you can get on your desktop. It’s now available on your mobile phone too. Organize your bookmarks into folders on your mobile phone.

✓ User Agent
Switch between desktop view and mobile view according to your needs Need to view the full site of facebook sometimes on mobile? Dolphin helps you do that.

✓ Colorful theme pack
Decorate your own browser with the color you want.

✓ Your Languages supported
16 languages supported, eliminate the strangeness on other languages.

Feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions, questions or issues by sending mail to us. Or follow us on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook.

Version: 2.5

Cost: Free

Developer: Dolphin Browser

One of the main features of the Dolphin browser is the use of gestures to navigate the browser. Gestures are made by dragging your finger across the screen. Gesture an “M” across the screen to add a book mark, an “L” to go forward, an “N” to open a new page. Gestures can be customized by editing them on the gestures settings.

The gesture feature works well if you take the time to remember all the gestures. It can usually figure out what I’m trying to gesture. The little clear gesture icon on the bottom of the screen can get a little distracting.

Double tap on a non linked part of the screen for the more conventional way of navigating the browser through the menu screen.

I didn’t see any significant advantage of website load times for the Dolphin Browser vs the default browser.

Another great feature in the Dolphin browser is to be able use the SD Card for cache storage instead of using the internal memory like on the default browser. Then when you clear the cache on the internal memory on the default browser, you lose everything, bookmarks and all. Another dumb idea from the original developers, with the idiotically small internal memory of the current Android devices. You won’t have this problem with the Dolphin browser since it uses the SD card.

Dolphin offers a slew of other options also like loading images, javascript, rss feed notifications, read later, block pop-up windows, auto-fit pages, and more. It’s definitely a better option than the default browser.

Edit – If you like the Dolphin Browser, try Dolphin Browser HD.  An improved version of the Dolphin Browser.   Faster downloads and more.

Here’s a list from their website.

Newest Version: Dolphin Browser HD V2.3

+ App to SD card for Android 2.2 users

+ File uploading support for Android 2.2 users

+ Clear HTML5 data in settings

+ Switch Tab action in Gesture

+ GBK, Big5 Encoding support

*  Click + to new tab

*  File downloading experience improved

Download Here

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