Jul 07 2013

DUI Dodger App Reviews

About The DUI Checkpoint Finder:

iPhone and Android smart phone users have applications for everything from finding the cheapest gas stations to news from around the world. Now, smart phone users have the ability to map out driving routes around DUI checkpoints. This application, called the DUI Checkpoint Finder, allows users to enter their location to find DUI checkpoints within 50 miles of their current location. Using the DUI Checkpoint Finder or DUI Dodger application is not an excuse to drink and drive. Those planning a night out of partying and drinking should plan to use a taxi or ask a friend to be a designated driver. The DUI Dodger is a last resort application for drivers sober enough to drive a short distance home, but that would probably be considered a borderline DUI by a police officer. With these applications advocating how to avoid a DUI checkpoint it is no surprise that they have been met with controversy around the country.

Compare DUI Dodger App:

DUI Dodger is not the only smart phone application available for avoiding police checkpoints as the PhantomALERT, Checkpointer, Mr. Dui, Buzzed, and Fuzz Alert app all perform similar functions. The DUI dodger lets users see published DUI checkpoints ahead of time by collecting public information from local police departments. Users have the option of “flagging” inaccurate DUI checkpoint locations so that others can see these changes. The application is careful to alert users that the checkpoints may be off by as much as 1 mile due to changes by the police. The DUI Dodger also includes a blood alcohol content calculator. The calculator allows the user to input a number of different variables including age, gender, weight, and types of drinks consumed in order to give the user an estimated BAC level. Furthermore, the application has a “Walk the Line Game” that mimics the common sobriety test given by the police. To play the game, users simply hold their phone face up, extend their arms, and walk in a line for 5 to 10 seconds. After, the phone will alert the user how balanced they were. For Android users, the application has a one-time fee of $9.99 and $4.99 for iPhone users.

Government’s View on DUI Checkpoint Apps:
Due to its controversial subject matter, many have met these DUI Checkpoint applications with anger and skepticism. In March 2011, U.S. Senators Harry Reid, Chuck Schumer, Frank Lautenberg, and Tom Udall made public appeals to the manufacturers of the most popular smart phones. In their appeal, the Senators argued that giving information regarding the location of DUI checkpoints endangers families and children by giving drunk drivers the ability to avoid the police. Only one manufacturer, RIM which produces the popular Blackberry smart phone, agreed to not make the application available for sale. However, some law enforcement agencies actually advocate public use of these applications, as they believe it will curb drunk driving. The proponents of the DUI Dodger argue that the app limits drunk driving because if people know that there is a police checkpoint nearby they are less likely to drink and drive.

DUI dodger app reviews are mixed. Some users advocate the app because they believe it prevents drunk driving; however, others are against it for the opposite reason. Those who have actually used the application say it does not work very well. The checkpoints are often incorrect and the application is very slow to load. Many of the reviews state that users would be better off not spending money on the application.

Ethics on DUI Checkpoint Apps:
Unless the government bars the sale of these applications, the DUI Dodger and similar apps are here to stay. No matter what, the application will always be remembered for the ethical dilemma and controversy it created. Despite the application’s promise to locate and identify checkpoints within a 50 mile radius, the best thing to do if you believe you are drunk is to call a cab or a friend for a ride. However, if you find yourself arrested for a DUI the best thing you can do is hire a qualified criminal attorney. A lawyer with significant DUI experience can help you navigate your legal problems.

Christopher J McCann is a DUI attorney in Orange County, California. You can follow my tweets at @CJM_Law_Firm

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