May 29 2015

eZeeSalez, now sell with ease.

eZeeSalez is a whole new approach to the traditional way of Buying and Selling. Whether you are a Manufacturer, Distributor, Dealer, Wholesaler or Retailer & whether you want to Buy or Sell to your existing clients, eZeeSalez provides you the best platform.

Presenting a new take on merchandising, Now Sell products to the best of your customer base as well as Buy products from your trusted sellers and find the best of both of these worlds in your contact list itself. With the buyer/seller list coming directly from your contact list, eZeeSalez narrows down the gap between your business and customers.

Whether you deal with Diamonds, Textiles, Fashion, Electronics, Electrical, Apparels, Accessories, Toys, Medicines or any industry that needs to showcase their products for selling/buying, eZeeSalez provides you the best platform for Marketing, Selling your products, Showcase products, Search for products from a massive range of Sellers, Buy, Sell, and Manage the complete shopper’s cycle, for FREE.

★ Absolutely FREE: Good things come at a Cost but eZeeSalez doesn’t. It’s Absolutely FREE.
★ AAA [Anytime, Anywhere, Any device]: Reach out your customers, on any and every Android device.
★ Let Pictures Speak: Showcase different essence of product, using high quality images speaking out for your products.
★ Contacts Become Customers: Lookup for your potential customers right in your customer list.
★ Complete Control: Product lists, Price lists – access every detail right at your finger tip.
★ Exclusive Price Lists: Maintain custom price lists, for your new and exclusive customers.
★ Quick Actions:Confirm / Cancel orders quickly, MORE WORKING, LESS TAPPING.
★ Buy it or Sell it:Buy Products or Showcase them to sell, all under a single app.

Whether you want to sell something or purchase it, it’s all the matter of counting.

As a Seller
Step 1: Start by adding/defining Product(s) that you want to showcase for your customer base.
Step 2: Add/Upload Photos that describe the best of your products.
Step 3: Define/Create exclusive Price lists of discounts, for certain products, to certain buyers.
Step 4: Associate products & buyers, right from your contacts list, to these discounted price lists. Attach Product(s) with one or more Price list(s).
Step 5: Attach Buyer(s) (your mobile contacts) with one or more Price list(s).
Step 6: View orders placed for your products, and Cancel / Confirm these Order(s).

As a Buyer
Step 1: Select your trusted Seller from your app Buyer home screen.
Step 2: Analyze various products and their prices provided by these sellers.
Step 3: Check out exclusive product & rates provided to you, by the selected seller.
Step 4: Select one of the images/products describing the product of your choice.
Step 5: Decide the quantity of product to be ordered, and place the order.

eZeeSalez focuses on your ease, allowing you to focus on the most important thing, your business and your needs. You can easily switch between BUYER’s / SELLER’s view in the app, and can view all those contacts that have / haven’t installed eZeeSalez in their device, ensuring your trust ability on the person you are dealing with.

We are continuously working on improving your experience with eZeeSalez. Since, it focuses on your ease, who better than you to describe the expectations from eZeeSalez. We would love to have any suggestions or updates to the existing solution and assure you quick and prompt response to every word you write to us. Feel free to write us at or leave a review to follow up immediately.

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