Jul 31 2013

Find Your Car Quickly With These Three Apps

Android Parking Apps

If you have just arrived back from vacation and are not used to living in the airport, then you may be a bit disoriented and not remember where you parked your car. Especially a problem in larger airports, the act of finding your way out of the airport is one matter – remembering where you parked is quite another. In the past, this required memorization of the lot and aisle in which you parked, which might or might not be fresh in your head after a week or more of travel or vacation. Thankfully, technology has allowed us to keep track of where we left things – in this case, our vehicles – and mobile applications are leading the charge. In the following article, we will outline three applications that can remember where you parked and lead you home when you need the assistance.

Find My Car – GPS Navigation

Find My Car GPS

Anyone who has been lost in an unfamiliar area knows that the feeling is not a pleasant one – especially when all you wish to do is arrive safely at your vehicle. In the past, this meant memorizing the direction in which you came, but you no longer have to be reliant upon mental clarity in order to find your vehicle. The Find My Car – GPS Navigation app for Android devices can be used to bookmark your vehicle regardless of wherever you may be at the moment (so long as you are with your car). Whenever you need to backtrack your steps, the app will point you in the right direction through its colorful screen and clear directions. You can see the actual distance from you to your vehicle and the      current speed at which you are moving. You can find the Find My Car – GPS Navigation app on the Android Marketplace for free.


Find My Car

Find My Car

With a beautiful interface and simplified controls, the Find My Car app for Android devices is a great way to locate your automobile when you have forgotten the way. Users can quickly access the app once parked to store the location of the vehicle in question, and access a guided route back to the location whenever it is time to return. Positions are saved for future reference in case you need to go back to the area (maybe you left your handbag on the top of the car, for instance). If someone else needs access to your car, you can also email or text the current GPS coordinates of the vehicle to them so they too can find it using their GPS and map application.


Find My Car Lite

Find My Car Lite

A simple solution to a common problem (and not the Lite version of the previously mentioned Find My Car apps), the Find My Car Lite app for Android can guide users back to their cars using the mapping systems on their smartphones. Users can quickly store their vehicle’s location in the app, set a timer to remind them to return before parking expires, and find the safest route back to their vehicles depending on traffic. Available for free and ad-supported, Find My Car Lite uses Google Maps and a variety of other solutions to display real imagery and show you where your car is currently located.


Ben Willow,is currently working with Park N Jet, which is a company offering airport parking in Seattle. He is very passionate about photography and editing.

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