May 21 2013

Five Android Apps For You And Your Dog

People love their dogs – really love them.  So, it is not surprising that there are smartphone apps to help owners learn about dogs and dog ownership.  Additionally, these apps make it easier to do things with your dog, such as training sessions.  Instead of having to find your whistle or your clicker, then figure out what you are doing to teach your dog, you can simply grab your smartphone and go if you have these apps installed. There are several apps available for Android that will help owners keep up with the latest information on training, feeding, and caring for their dogs so they can become more informed about their dog and make good decisions for both of you.

Dogs A-Z (Rare Exception) – A veritable encyclopedia of dog breeds in your hand, this app allows users to access information about hundreds of breeds from their smartphone.  Both common and unusual breeds are included in the database which is a help when visiting a dog show or a shelter looking for the perfect pet.  Users can filter their results which saves a great deal of time when looking for specific information.  Each entry provides a photo of the breed and information about the dog’s size, coat, origins, and alternate names.  With beautiful color photos that show a strong representation of the breed standard, this app is a good learning tool for the dog owner or dog lover.  Kids will also enjoy using this app as the information is presented in an accessible and fun manner.

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Dog Food Recipes (ItaliaMultimedia)– For the owner who loves to pamper their dog or for owners with dogs that have allergies or conditions that require a special diet, this app gives users access to a variety of recipes that will teach you to make your own dog food.  Many people are beginning to see the benefits of feeding a “natural” diet which is food that is based on using real meat and vegetables as the basis for food.  The recipes are easy to follow and contain ingredients that will make your dog happy and healthy.  While there is no portion size mentioned for the recipes, users can experiment with the recipes in order to make more or less as needed.  Dogs with food sensitivities or special food needs will benefit from owners having access to a variety of recipes that would meet those needs.  Volunteers at dog shelters and rescues can also benefit from this app as it would give them more options when feeding their wards.

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Dog Whistler (Mobeezio) – Dog whistles, whistles emitting sounds beyond the human range of hearing, have been used as a training aid for years.  However, many people have trouble keeping track of their whistle, particularly off the training field.  There are times when you are off the training field that you need your whistle but it is impractical to wear it around your neck of have it in your pocket all the time.  Also, whistles get lost, which can be particularly frustrating if you are in the middle of a training exercise.  This app allows dog owners who use a whistle for training purposes to have access to it at all times on their smartphone.   Simply enter the frequency you want to use and the duration in order to tell your dog what you want.  You can use different frequencies and durations for different behaviors – just as you would with a traditional training whistle.  However, the app is more controlled and the whistle will sound the same every time.

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DogFoodInfo (Techworks Technologies) – Every dog eventually gets into something, usually “people” food, which may or may not be healthy for them.  It can happen very quickly and owners usually catch them in the act – after they have already eaten even a small amount of the questionable food.  Dog are scent driven hunters so if they find something that smells appealing, they will very likely eat it.  This app allows owner to quickly access information about many different foods and plants that are both safe and unsafe for dogs to eat.  The entries are full of good, understandable data and information about how a dog will look or act after ingesting a food that is dangerous to them.  The app also gives owners first aid instructions and guidance on what to do until the dog can be taken to the vet for full treatment.

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Dog Training Clicker Time (Growling Software) – Clickers, like whistles, have been used in training for many years.  Dogs that are particularly sensitive to sounds may be more comfortable if their owner uses a clicker for a training aide instead of a dog whistle.  Other animals, such as horses, cats, and some birds, also can be trained to respond to a clicker where they cannot be trained to respond to a dog whistle.  A clicker is just that – a small device that emits a clicking sound that tells the dog what command needs to be followed.  As with whistles, one of the problems people encounter with using a clicker is keeping track of it or having it when you need it off the training field.  This app allows users to have their clicker right on their smartphones so it is never too far out of reach.  While the app seems very simple, in the hands of someone who is training their dog, it is a valuable tool that facilitates communication between owner and dog.

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Dog owners generally are on the lookout for new training and care tips.  When they can get the information and tools they seek in a convenient, easy to access way, they are able use it quicker and in more places than if they had to look it up on a laptop or computer at home.  Apps for dog owners provide information and ways to interact with your dog that will help create a stronger bond betwee dog and owner as well as a happier, healthier pet.

Aaron Mills is a tech writer and blogger. He writes on behalf of leading brands such as, a cell phone insurance provider.

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