Jun 06 2013

Four Apps For Digitizing Documents

Having a paper trail is usually considered to be a great thing when it comes to record keeping. Physical copies of invoices, bank statements and other important pieces of information often come in handy, so it only makes sense that this information be stored, organized and secured. Unfortunately, paper copies can age over time, end up lost or even worse, fall into the wrong hands. It comes as no surprise that an increasing number of individuals and businesses are moving toward digitizing all of their daily paperwork and record keeping in order to avoid such mishaps. Below, we’ll outline four great apps that are assisting people in organizing their records.


Designed as a document storage and reminder app, Evernote takes everything you love and syncs it with desktops and mobile devices to ensure that you always have the data you need. In a recent update, Evernote now allows for direct document scanning via the app, allowing you to insert photos, receipts, contracts and much more. You even have the ability to search scanned documents for particular words or phrases if you need to find a particular piece of information. Considering that the app is free and available on Android and iOS, Evernote makes for a great digital document solution.


Scanner Pro

If you need access to a dedicated scanner but do not have the time to access one from a traditional office setting, then Scanner Pro can be of much assistance. Any document that can be viewed using your camera can be scanned into the application in high definition, with the ability to save, print and email documents at will. All scanned items are saved in PDF format, meaning they will be compatible with virtually any device. Available on iOS devices, Scanner Pro costs $6.99 but is well worth the cost when you see the results it can deliver.



Whether you need to make a copy of that latest credit card statement or you wish to preserve tax filings, CamScanner makes it simple and effective. Available via the Android Marketplace, CamScanner allows its users a quick way to scan documents, alter the image quality, access them from anywhere in the world while also offering features such as advanced document editing and custom search features. You can organize your documents by category to ensure you will always be able to retrieve them when necessary, and the app is 100% free to try.


Document Scanner

Allowing for quick document scanning with PDF output, Document Scanner for Android ($3.99) gives you the option of converting your phone into a full-featured scanning device. With options to scan and deposit records either on your phone, Dropbox, Google Docs or Evernote, you can make sure that your documents are always accessible from virtually anywhere. Multi-page documents can be easily created, with a one-page feature allowing you to extract single pieces of content from these files for additional use. Folder features are also included, giving you a way to organize your files exactly how they should be for later viewing.


Today’s guest author, Ken Rogers, is a general manager at Steamatic, a leading firm that provides fire damage cleanup and restoration services based in Canada. When he is not working, he is seen visiting friends and family.

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