Jun 12 2013

Four Must-Have Apps For The HVAC Professional

In our world of modern convenience and technology, the role that HVAC technicians play has become increasingly larger and needed. Virtually non-existent 100 years ago, this profession revolves around the installation, maintenance and troubleshooting of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems. With so much of our daily life consisting of indoor activities, having climate-controlled sustainability is essential for most homes and offices. If you are a HVAC technician and wish to be more connected with all technology has to offer for your occupation, then continue reading to find out about four great mobile apps that can assist in the process.

HVAC Buddy

Available for both Android and iOS smartphones, HVAC Buddy offers a variety of diagnostic options as well as calculators to help HVAC technicians determine the best route of installation and where potential troubles are originating in existing systems. Some of the specific functions include airflow and TEET calculations, leak and contaminant diagnostics as well as values for specific refrigerants to help determine which is best used for your particular task. Starting at $9.99 on the Android Marketplace and the iTunes App Store, technicians will find HVAC Buddy to be one comprehensive source for heating, ventilation and cooling inquiries.


Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist

Built by one of the leading names in HVAC solutions, Carrier’s app is designed to offer versatility and comprehensive support to any and all independent HVAC technicians. Not only will users be able to see the exact products currently available in Carrier stores nearby, but you can also find specific locations using the built-in map. Wiring diagrams, spec sheets and specific information about every model of Carrier equipment can also be accessed through the comprehensive database. Considering that the Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist app is 100% free, every HVAC technician should feel obligated to evaluate this app in the field and see what it can offer.


HVAC Professional

Accessible via the iTunes App Store, HVAC Professional is billed as a comprehensive calculator and formulator for any heating, cooling and ventilation tasks. With over 200 unique calculations available within the app, technicians will be able to determine airflow, ductwork compatibility and energy consumption – among other things. A variety of flow charts are also included to help troubleshoot common issues encountered in the field, making it less time consuming to resolve any problem. For $7.99, any iOS device can be a palm-sized powerhouse of HVAC information thanks to this brilliant app.


HVAC Duct Sizer

Whenever a HVAC technician is making sales and service calls, having relevant information on-hand in order to provide cost estimates is imperative. Enter HVAC Duct Sizer, which allows technicians to calculate the precise needs of any ventilation project while locating only the compatible ducting for said task. With an easy to use interface, you can quickly adjust any input options to give a more accurate or updated calculation. For just $6.99 on the iTunes App Store, HVAC Duct Sizer can be a valuable ally when performing any HVAC installation or repair.


Today’s guest author, Marlon Andrew, is a technician in Constant Home Comfort, a dealer for air conditioners in Toronto, Canada. He works as a stand up comedian for his night job and entertains people on various open mic nights in the city.

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