Mar 21 2010

Home++ beta

Description: Branching from the stock home app, Home++ offers more

* 3rd party animated widgets support

* 3rd party scrollable widgets support

* Quicker ways managing applications

*  Bookmarks

* Workspace looping

*  3 – 7 screens and a screen switcher


Cost: Free

Developer: Intuitit

Home++ is a home screen replacement.  The default Home++ screen places a clock at the top of the screen with a customizable scrolling “Power Strip” on the bottom.

The “Power Strip” is customizable to add icons for:


Favorite contacts


Voice command


Application drawer

Bookmarks list

Task list


Screen Switcher

Home++ allows up to 7 different screens and endless scrolling of the screens.  If you’re on screen 7, the next screen can scroll to screen 1.  There’s also a screen switcher where you can choose which screen to display.

Home++ supports 3rd party widgets

Home ++ is a quality replacement for the default home screen.  The added screens allows for more widgets, folders, apps, and files to be displayed.  The Power Strip allows for fast access to basic functions.  Home++ may take some time to get used to, but once you get used to it, you may really like it.

This version of Home ++ like they say, is a beta version, so there are some bugs that are still being worked out.  Home++ can be a little slower than the default home screen and there are more force closes than what I would like.  Though they seem to be actively fixing the bugs and I’ve seen less issues recently.

Download Here

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