May 28 2013

Keep Your Family Safe With These Four Sex Offender Apps

With crime all around us, we want to do everything we can to protect our families – both while out and about and in our homes. A big concern for many families with children is the proximity of sex offenders to points of interests such as their homes, schools and places of worship. Knowing where and how many potential predators exist is valuable information for safeguarding your children and removing as much statistical risk as possible. In the following article, we will be discussing four Android apps that can help you identify and be aware of any potential threats in your neighbourhood.

Sex Offenders Search

The Sex Offenders Search app ($1.99) provides total coverage for all 50 states through a comprehensive, consistently updated database of information aggregated for state and municipal authorities. You will be able to view photos of registered sex offenders, their birth dates and physical descriptions, as well as other vital statistics to make identifying them much easier. You can search by location, address and city or view all local results on a map – no registration or payment for the use of this app is needed. Whether you are moving to a new area or simply wanting to be proactive, Sex Offenders Search puts you in control.

Safe Neighbourhood

Finding out who is living around you with prior sex offences helps make your family safer, more informed and better prepared to respond in the event the worst case scenario manifests. With the Safe Neighbourhood app ($1.99), you will be able to view full-colour photos of all local sex offenders while obtaining information such as height, weight, hair and eye colour and the exact offence committed. With the choices to view local offenders as a list or on a map, you can get the perfect of how many potential predators live within a certain radius of your home, school or day-care centre.

Sex Offender Search

Not to be confused with the ‘Sex Offenders Search’, the Sex Offender Search app provides comprehensive access to the National Sex Offender Registry to give you exact information on any and every predator in your area. You will be able to retrieve names and specific crimes committed by former and current sex offenders, receive email alerts if and when any new sex offenders relocate to your community and browse physical statistics that give you a better chance of identifying any potential predators when at a park or school. This app is free to download and packs quite a bit of power when it comes to spotting perverts and predators.

AlertID Mobile

Combining not just sex offender registries but a plethora of other crime related information, AlertID Mobile is a free Android app that allows you to get a bigger picture of your current or possible future neighbourhoods. Within this app, you can inspect sex offender records, report suspicious activity directly to Homeland Security as well as access important weather and earthquake alerts. Local crime mentions are also available via AlertID, helping you to know when a neighbour has committed a criminal act.

Today’s guest author, Jenny Wadlow, works as a paralegal at the Dribbina and Brown , a law firm based in Ringwood for criminal defense lawyers in Australia. When she is not working she is seen enjoying listening to soft music or taking long walks on the beaches.

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