Nov 29 2009


Description: Nav4All, the most advanced navigation system on earth, worldwide NAVteq maps, 83 countries, 56 languages.

Version: 9.0.24

Cost: free


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Nav4All is a GPS app with a lot of functions.   There’s the basic turn by turn directions, maps, Points of Interest and follow me maps.  But there’s also functions like Remember my Parking Space, Compass, and World City Maps.   Most of the advertised functions work as stated.  My main gripe about the navigation is the graphics are horrible.  The turn by turn directions tell you to go straight or turn in the specified distance, but it’s not super imposed on a map, so the directions can get confusing.   And the maps look like they’re from some early 90s video game.   Entering the destination can be a quite tedious task.  1st you have to scroll through the screen of what country, then another screen of what state, then type in the city, then street, then house number.

The POI worked well and I was able to find things near me.   I’ll give them credit, there’s an option to show the POI on Google maps, as well as on their own crappy maps.

There’s really no reason to get this if you live in the US now that Google maps with GPS is available in the US.  Nav4All offers more functions than Google maps does, but unless you really need a working compass, I don’t see any advantages of downloading Nav4All.  And Nav4All is free for now, but will start charging on 01/01/2010, so I definitely wouldn’t recommend using it if you can get Google maps with navigation for free.

UPDATE on 1/29/2010:  Based on the Nav4All website, they are suspending service as of 2/1/2010.

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