Jul 24 2013

Quad Drawer

Quad Drawer, the quickest App Launcher for Android.

Why did smartphones win the war against traditional mobiles? Thanks to their apps! But today, we have a lot of apps on our phones and it’s sometimes really long to find out the one we need. Do you wonder how much time you lose every day searching for your apps?

To manage this problem, Android proposes a simple solution: to put icons on your homescreen. But if you have a lot of apps, your homescreen becomes completely overloaded and you don’t have room anymore for one of the most interesting feature of Android: widgets.

Google seems to have noticed this issue. Some rumors say that there will be a sort option in the next Android version. But we think it’s not enough.

LevelUp Studio presents today its new application:Quad Drawer.

Quad Drawer is an app launcher. It allows you to access your apps by the quickest and easiest way. To do this, Quad Drawer includes some powerful features, even from the beginning.

You will be able to sort your apps by your preferred order. For now, four choices are proposed:

  • The most used apps (default)
  • Alphabetically
  • Recently used
  • Last downloaded

Quad learns from your phone’s use and the sorting becomes more precise day by day.

Sorting apps is great but you need a way to find an app that is down the list. You will be able to find your app with a few tap with the filtered search provided by the predictive keyboard.

Quad Drawer is also meant to launch apps without even going to your homescreen. With the floating icon, Quad Drawer is one tap away, at any time. But what if it bothers you during a game or a video? Just double tap it to hide it during that time.

At LevelUp Studio, we love to let our users personalise their app. So Quad Drawer offers some options:

  • Choice between a light and a dark theme
  • Kind of keyboard (predictive or regular)
  • List or grid layout
  • Display of launch counter for every app

Quad Drawer is available for only $ 0.99 or 0.75€ (+ VAT) depending on your country.

quad drawer

quad drawer 2

quad drawer 1


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