Apr 07 2012

Receipt Ninja

Description: Receipt Ninja makes it easy to track and split expenses.

Love travelling with friends but hate doing the math afterwards? Figuring out who paid for what and how to split the expenses has now been made easy for you by Receipt Ninja. It is extremely simple to track and split group expenses and you can conveniently share the financials with your buddies using Email, SMS, or Dropbox. Let Receipt Ninja manage your expenses and you just go get on the road!

Key features include:

-Track receipts with pictures.
-Split group expenses anyway you want (evenly or unevenly).
-Share the report and receipts using Email, SMS, or Dropbox.
-Avoid circular debts (A owes B, B owes C).
-Export to Excel (csv file).
-Support SD card backup and cloud backup using Dropbox.

Please report crashes when they happen. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any comments or suggestions. We keep on adding new features requested by our users.

1. I cannot save the receipt. Each time I clicked to save, result, nothing was saved. It looked as if I entered nothing. What is happening?

This is a bug in versions below 1.3.0 on some devices. It is due to low memory when taking picture. Android system automatically destroys the paused activity when memory is running low so that some of the data you entered cannot be saved. If you experience this problem, please update your app to the latest version. Please report to us if it still exists after updating.

2. Can I export the receipts to Excel and import from Excel?

Currently, we support export to excel (.csv file) by clicking “Export”->”Email” on the “Reports” tab. The expense report (.csv file) will be attached to the email. It is also saved to SD card under the path “SD card/Receipt Ninja/Your Event Name/. If you do not see the attachment, please update your app to the latest version. Importing to Receipt Ninja from Excel file is not currently supported because we store the receipt data in our own data format using SQLite database.

3. Can I keep my receipts when changing from one phone to another?

Yes, you can backup your receipts to SD card or Dropbox and import them from another phone.

Cost: Free

Developer: Serene Wireless

If you ever gone on a trip or planned a party with a couple friends, you’d know how difficult it is to calculate how to split the costs. Receipt Ninja is a great app to calculate costs splits with relative ease.

Receipt Ninja does a good job of calculating simple splits. Receipt Ninja allows you to enter all your costs, then reports how much each person owes. Receipt Ninja can track who paid what amount and then spits out a report breakdown of costs that’s easy to read.

I liked how Receipt Ninja:

  • is easy to use
  • can use the preset categories and can add your own categories
  • can pull contacts from your address book or add a person not in your address book
  • creates a simple cost break down
  • calculates paying with different currencies
  • can take a picture of receipts (only for records)
  • shares calculation reports via email or SMS.

Receipt Ninja can take a picture of a receipt but it’s only for records. It can’t read the receipt and automatically enter the totals into the report. Automatically entering the costs from the receipt picture would be a great enhancement.

Receipt Ninja will take a little time to learn how to use, but once you get a hang of it, you’ll find Receipt Ninja to be a powerful and useful tool to split costs.

Download Here

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