Jun 24 2013

Rules to Follow For an Engaging Mobile Application

Mobile application users are not like us… they are different! They demand more than what a desktop customer might need, An Ultimate Experience! This is because they are more engaging and are not limited to capabilities and time. Companies must compensate for these limitations by replacing them with an outstanding mobile environment that will convert and engage users and force them to come back to you. Ideally, Mobile Applications should provide such an experience which is enough for them to return to you. Most importantly, it should help user figure out what they want in the fastest and easiest possible way.

We’ve discussed some compelling mobile interface rules, if followed, can do wonders!


Rule # 1: Keep it Simple and Clean

Do not clutter them with multiple features in one app, or you might end up losing them, probably for good. It should engage users with its simple features that are easy to explore. Only the important content should be exposed to make the App’s functionality smooth for people on the go. A simple app is intuitive, uncluttered, and eye catching. Give them less and engage them, it is better than overwhelming them with options they do not want.

Rule # 2: Design for Environments and Devices

Designs may vary from every device and environment. When you are creating mobile websites, you must understand the devices which your user might use to access your website. In the case of the mobile app, different app design needs to be built for different platforms. Think about trying out some features and create them in a design that can be performed across multiple devices. The design of your app should leave room to consider various form factors. App users will spend more time in an environment where they will find a richer experience.

Rule # 3: Make it Convenient

Help users get what they are looking for in few steps, do not drag the process. It will make user feel frustrated as they expect fast action programming from every app. Convenience can be provided by incorporating auto spelling correction, search tab, and clear navigation to decrease frustration. It is essential because awkward mobile keyboards and smaller screens already makes their actions difficult. One touch feature is the winner when users consider other options.

Rule # 4: Make Experience ‘Hyperpersonalized’

Ensure that your app fulfills the purpose of its creation in a way customers wanted not how you wanted. Most of the times, the app is designed and developed on our perception about people’s mindset. The user is the one for whom you are creating the app for and is the one that will use it in the real world. For that reason, think about giving a personalized feeling by providing them power to make changes in the app (if possible). To engage mobile app users, companies have very little time so they cannot afford to waste it by giving them something they are not looking for.

Follow these simple rules… and your app will Rock!


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