Jul 16 2011

Study Success

Description: Simple Apps, Awesome Results!

Have you ever wondered what would be the most efficient way to study? Well the answer isn’t marathon study sessions, pushing and cramming as much information as you can. Hour after hours of mentally exhausting work. The REALITY in fact is that you only need 45 minutes.

After seeing our sons and daughters struggle to achieve high marks and grades, after seeing friends in college and universities spending countless hours hitting the books, we decided to research and find the best possible solution to help anyone that wants to achieve success in learning.

After much research on the subject, we came to the conclusion that the way to achieve maximum success is by changing the bad study habits that prevent anyone from soaking in as much study information as possible. Everyone has bad study habits that they can change and achieve huge success with less effort and in just 45 short minutes!

Your gonna want to know this: After 45 minutes of studying your mind isn’t receiving everything as it should. It’s simple really, your mind is just not set up to receive that amount of information in a 2 or 3 hour study marathon. All you are doing is wasting time.

Here is what you are looking for! Study Timer keeps a track of your 45 minutes of studying and reminds you to take a break from the books. Take a 15 minute break, eat something, listen to music;, but just get away from the books, giving your brain a chance to recover… it is that easy. Then start all over again pick up where you left off if you haven’t finished, or switch to another subject.

There is more… click on our checklist, follow our advice and you will have the perfect study climate to soak in the smarts! Once the checklist is completed you will find that now you can concentrate a lot better than you ever thought!

Need something else? Well of course you do… ! You may need to find the answer to your question somewhere else, so click on the button and then click on and at your fingertips you will have the best sites in the Internet at your fingertips to help you out.

This is a simple app, that will make all the difference in the world when it comes to how you use your valuable time. This small helper has the potential to get you on track towards that A+ or that 100% you are aiming for.

If you’re ready to be a successful at learning, then get this app,, follow our simple advice and make the most of your study time in the books. We want you to succeed so much that for a LIMITED TIME we are only asking .99 for this valuable app so please take the time and give yourself the best possible chance to succeed!

Version: 1.0

Cost: .99

Developer: Lucky Media

I hate to bash an app, but Study Success get’s a fail.  I’m sure somebody spent some good time and hard work developing Study Success, but Study Success is pretty much just a glorified 45 minute timer with silly options.  You start the timer, then the “Get Your Study On Screen” pops up and it counts down for 45 minutes.  After the timer starts, you have 3 options to pause, check timer or stop.  Pause allows you to go back to the main screen and access the other options such as going to the Resources or Checklist page.  You can resume the timer by pressing “resume”.  “Check Timer” will go back to the main page for a few seconds to check the timer.  “Stop” will stop the timer.

The resources page has preset links to Wikipedia.org, Dictionary.com, Thesaurus.com, Encyclopedia.com, Sparknotes.com, How-To-Study.com and Study Guides & Strategies.  There’s no way to add, edit, or delete links.

The Checklist page is unnecessary and a joke.  There is no way to edit the checklist.  The checklist consists of:
Find a Relatively Quiet Spot
No IM, No Texting, No phone
Turn Volume Down To A Murmur
Is The Temperature Comfortable
You Have All Your School Supplies?
Get A Beverage Before Starting
Are You Hungry? Eat First!

Study Success might be more useful if the links and checklist could be modified.  I wouldn’t even use this for free and definitely not for .99.

Download Here

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