Jul 27 2012

The 10 Best Things About the Samsung Galaxy S3

Everybody loves the Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s been released to critical acclaim everywhere, topping critics’ charts of the best phones of 2012, and it’s without a doubt a going to be the best-selling Android handset of the year. It’s easy enough to write a long review extolling the virtues of such an unearthly handset, but that’s a little drab and dull – so, instead, we’re going to count the top 10 reasons for getting your hands on a Galaxy S3. If you don’t already have your eye on one of these smooth, sleek handsets, then you certainly will after reading this list. Then all you’ve gotta do is convince a generous benefactor to treat you to one.


Quad-Core Power


If you use your phone enough to want to spend £500 on a new one, chances are the quad-core processor packed into the Samsung Galaxy S3 will make your life a lot easier. It’s handy for any moderate to heavy smartphone users who don’t want to spend their time waiting for apps, web pages and games to load up. It also means you can multi-task easily on the S3, so if you like to listen to music while browsing the web and playing apps interchangeably, you’ll really like the S3.


Smooth Design


The Samsung Galaxy S3 has ditched the squared-off corners of the S2 and instead opted for a more rounded look. It’s surprising how much smoother and sleeker this makes the phone appear. It’s not a small handset, with a 4.8-inch display smack-bang in the middle of it, but somehow Samsung managed to streamline it to 8.6mm in depth and just 133g in weight. If that’s not great design, we don’t know what is.


Intuitive Gestures


The gesture set for the Samsung Galaxy S3 has been vastly improved since the S2, and if you like your phones usable, you’ll be very happy with the S3. Smart Stay is a feature which tracks your eyes using the front-facing camera; once the phone senses you’re looking away from the display, it’ll dim the screen and switch off. If you often forget to set your phone to silent when entering meetings, you’ll also like Turnover. If your phone rings in class or during a meeting, you simply turn it over to immediately silence it.


Snappy Snapper


The Samsung Galaxy S3 boasts two cameras; one round the back and one round the front. The front snapper is a 1.9MP camera, which will do you fine when it comes to video-calling and Skyping, and also comes in handy if you desperately need a new Facebook profile pic. The rear-facing snapper is an 8MP camera – the same as HTC’s offering in the One X – but is also comes with some great software, so taking photos on your Galaxy S3 doesn’t have to be a chore. The resultant pics look smooth, crisp and clean.


50GB of DropBox Storage


It’s not unusual to find DropBox storage offered by high-end phone manufacturers these days; HTC offer 25GB of DropBox Storage with many of their phones, while Apple offered 5GB with the iPhone 4S. Samsung, however, have outdone the competition with their offering of 50GB of DropBox storage to owners of the S3. DropBox storage is cloud storage, so when you save data – movies, music, etc. – they don’t have to go somewhere physical on your phone. It’s cool, convenient and compact.


Excellent Display


The Samsung Galaxy S3’s fantastic display is a Super AMOLED HD display, with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, making it one of the best displays you’ll see on any smartphone on the market at present. It’s 4.8-inches, as already stated, so if you like to read text or e-books on your phone, the S3 will definitely appeal to you. The S3’s display is big, bright and bold, and makes everything you view on the phone just a little bit more enjoyable when compared to using a ‘regular’ smartphone.


Reasonable Battery Life


OK, so the battery life of very few smartphones deserves to be called ‘good’, but Samsung have done very well in giving the S3 a pretty decent battery life compared to other high-power handsets. The S3’s 2100mAh battery is a mammoth of its kind; it means that if you use your phone for web browsing and video streaming throughout the day, you won’t have to worry about the S3 not lasting until evening.


Android 4.0 and Beyond


The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich. This is the latest version of Android, and it features some of the biggest improvements to be made to the OS since its inception. However, that’s not all; as Android’s flagship smartphone, you can feel fairly safe in the knowledge that future versions – such as Jelly Bean – are going to be rolled out to the S3 pretty sharply, because Android need to all they can to keep their top handset, well, at the top.


Download ALL the Apps


If you love apps, you’ll love the fact that the high-tech spec of the Samsung Galaxy S3 means that you’ll never find an app you can’t use. The S3 packs in everything you need to play the most intense, complex, 3D games and apps available on the Android Marketplace, and you can rest assured that it’ll doubtless also handle any apps that are released in the next couple of years.




This one might not appeal to you if you’re a major tech geek – you know, the kind that wants the latest gadgets the moment they’re release. In other words, if you’re going to buy the iPhone 5 – or whatever’s big next year – as soon as it’s released, then you’re not going to be bothered by this. However, if you’re looking for a handset that won’t look terribly dated in a year’s time, consider the S3. The technology and the design in this phone is so swish, we’ll wager it’s going to still look contemporary in a couple of years – if you can avoid breaking it, this baby will keep ticking over nicely for some time yet.

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